Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We're Going On a Trip...Maybe

We may be taking a trip to Bangkok next week...and I am already so excited. I'm saying maybe because we're super broke - my uncle gave us the tickets  - and anything could happen in a week. We have already purchased the tickets and booked the hotel. We're going to get our Visas tomorrow but I am trying not to get my hopes up. Because every time  I get too excited, something goes wrong and it doesn't happen. Bad luck seem to stalk me.

If we do go, I may not be able to update my blog everyday, but I am planning to keep a journal - sort of a timeline - and record everything so that when I come back, I can put it all up here :) Whether you like it or not...ha!

I am very nervous to go on such a long trip. We are taking the train and the whole journey, including transit time is over twenty four hours...whaaat?. I have been silently panicking for the last few days because in my mind I can see all kinds of things going wrong. I don't think I am fit to travel because I am FTFO (freaking the fahk out!).

Image source

On the bright side, we went out on Sunday. It's been a while.  We had lunch at Nando's, went to see friends, and played pool and poker. I guess we had a pretty good night because when we finally reached home it was six thirty in the morning. 

My new book, and lunch - A Portuguese salad with chicken and a  fizzy pomegranate drink.

With Nafew ♥

Ooh..oooh...and I bought a new story book!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This One's for Izu, My dearest Little Sister

Happy Birthday, little sis!

You're seven today. I can't believe how fast you're growing up :) Every time we Skype, I am in awe of how much you have grown since the last time we spoke.

I was eighteen years old when you came into my world and I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to feel about a new addition to our family. But then I saw you for the first time and you were all red and wrinkly and adorable. Who couldn't love you?

I remember the when we used to play together. You were always laughing; always a happy child - except when it came to brushing your teeth for bed time...heheh. Although it caused a headache then, I now cherish the memories of your blood curdling screams at bedtime every night.

One day I came home from school and you were crying because you had fallen off the bed. I picked you up and you took one look at my face and grinned. Everything forgotten. I remember teaching you how to say 'kokko' and when your mother came into the room you called her that :D I loved all the times we played together. 

You were only five when I came here and I have missed two of your birthdays. I even missed the first day at your new school. Your first day at first grade. I'm sorry I'm missing these important milestones. I promise I'll make it up to you when I go back. I miss you so very much. You are the best sister anyone can ask for. Even at such a young age you are capable of so much love, it's amazing.

I have the cards you sent me since I came here. They are beautiful and they all mean so much to me. You are so creative. Never give it up. 

Such a diva already...heheh...look at the pose!

I hope you have a wonderful time with your brother, mother and father, and I hope you get all the love and happiness you deserve on this special day. We all love you dearly. 

With all my love,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's That Time Again

NO! Not that one!

The other one. Semester finals are in five days. I'm scared as usual but I'm not doing anything about it. Also usual. 

I like studying last minute. It works for me. I usually pull an all nighter the day before the exam. It's one long studying marathon. I also take a nap for an hour or so just before I go to the exam, because I don't want to fall asleep on the paper. 

But then the down side of marathon studying is that you're in too deep. So when I take said nap, that's when my brain decides to review everything I learned. I dream of calculations and theories and rules. I dream books and words. I dream of screwing up. So when I get up, it's like I never took the nap at all. Actually I would have been better off without it. But it's routine and I'm used to it. 

At the beginning of every semester, I tell myself I'm going to study weeks ahead of the exams.
I'm sorry, there's laughing in my head.

Oh well, this semester, it's already too late. 

Then again, the next two semesters won't be any different. 

Image source

Monday, December 10, 2012

The One Where I Might Need A Dextervention

I have a confession to make. I think I watch way too much Dexter, or I'm too into it, because my mind is totally messed up. I had the weirdest dream the other night - not your ordinary nightmare, or one of those dreams where you sit on clouds and dive into a pool of rocks and surface in a bowl of soup. This one is borderline mental. Now, I know it doesn't mean anything but it sure freaked me out. It was seriously disturbing. 

I woke up and lay there numb for a while trying to process what just went down in my head. It was one of those WTF brain? moments. Surely you've all had one. 

I don't remember whole dream, I've decided to be thankful for that, and I don't know what exactly happened but let me just tell you the bits and pieces I remember. 

1. I was a serial killer.

2. My mom found a box full of dead people's hearts in my room.

3. There was a dead lizard thingy on a low wall. Only, it wasn't dead.

4. Somebody put a bottle of eye drops next to the lizard. 

5. The lizard picked up the bottle, put a few drops in its eye, got up and walked right off.

Wait! Now that I have a list, I think it's a mix of Dexter and Once Upon A Time. You know, the hearts in the box thing. 

Anyway, I woke up right after the lizard walked off on its hind legs, so I'm gonna lave it to you to judge me and my series watching habit or my psychopath mind. Feel free to discuss whether its because I watched an episode of Dexter right before I slept or if it's time for an intervention.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Look What I Got!

So my blogger friend Tara - I pretend we're friends but she doesn't know  - at Always Overthinking It nominated me for  a Liebster Blogging award. Basically it's for bloggers who are new or have less than 200 followers and deserves the recognition. So, I am honored that she thought of me. Liebster is a German word which means a whole bunch of positive stuff so this is like the best award ever! Thank you so much Tara.

There are certain stuff I'm supposed to do upon receiving this nomination. First, I have to state 11 randoms facts about me. Then I have to answer 11 question Tara sent my way. And then I have to come up with 11 questions of my own that my nominees would have to answer when I notify them of course. 

Let's begin with 11 random facts about me, shall we.

1. I've been wearing colored contact lenses for over 6 years and people think they're real and compliment me all the time. I don't always tell them that they're not real. 

2. Movenpick's Passion fruit & Mango is the best ice-cream flavor ever. I'd choose it over chocolate or the other more popular flavors any day.

3. I hate it when things and places are dirty but I hate cleaning up more.

4. If I start something I have this need to go all the way (like if I start cleaning my desk, I'd wanna clean the whole room spotless), so I tend to not start at all.

5. Pregnant women scare me - I'm very sorry. It's not that they look scary, it's just the thought of a person growing inside them and then coming out of them that scares me. My first day at work in 2007, I had to sit in between two pregnant women for over an hour. I was traumatized. 

6. I have watched the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series four times. All 10 seasons. I still watch random episodes all the time. 

7. Growing up freaks me out - if it existed, I'd be in Neverland for sure.

8. I hate breakfast cereals - All kinds.

9. I shaved my head two months ago. Well, my husband did, but I let him. I looked like a child monk for two weeks.

10. Cats are adorable and I love them - but I'm scared of all living things except humans (well, some of those too) so I stay at least five feet away from them and look at them. I also talk to them. Nafew says I'm crazy but I think they like it.

11. Eleven is my favorite number. I got married on 11th February 2011. The date goes like this 11022011 -  I love it!

11th February 2011 - 11022011

Moving on to Tara's questions

1. What's the weirdest/grossest thing you have ever eaten-or at least what other people consider to be gross
That would be Kullhavah, I don't know the English name. It stinks like you wouldn't believe but I think it tastes pretty good. 

2. Have you ever stolen anything?
Nope. Not unless you count when my best friend and I tore out a picture of Hayden Christensen from a magazine in the school library and sneaked it out.

3. What is your favorite book (or the most recent one you liked)
My all time favorite is Millie's Fling by Jill Mansell. The most recent one I liked is 50 Shades of Grey? Whaaat? I liked it ;)

4. What is your favorite country you have visited (assuming you have visited another country). If not another country, what state?
So far I have been to only two countries outside of mine that is India and Malaysia. So Malaysia is my favorite for now, although my dream is to visit the U.S someday.

5. Is it called soda or pop?
Soda sounds right.

6. What do you buy when you go to a movie theater to eat (if anything)?

7. Have you ever peed your pants (or the bed) that you can remember?
Hahahaaa...not since I can remember.

8.  What's your favorite swear word?

9. What's kind of yogurt flavor do you like?
Mixed berries.

10. Do you ever wear socks to bed?
Only if it is really really cold, which is rare here.

11. How do you roast a marshmallow (do you prefer it burned, perfectly toasted, etc.)
Ummm...I've never roasted a marshmallow. I just eat them straight out of the bag :(

Now, here are eleven question for my nominees. 

1. Do you or would you wear crocs? Why?
2. Have you ever been in a physical fight? If yes, please do tell :)
3. What word(s) do you absolutely hate?
4. Have you ever bribed anyone? What for?
5. What was your most embarrassing moment?
6. Do you have a relative that you cannot stand? Why?
7. Given the choice, what movie would you star in and as which character?
8. What is the worst advice you have received and taken?
9. Did you get into trouble as a kid? What was the worst thing you did?
10. If you were a waiter and your customer was being rude, would you spit in their food?
11. How would you like to be remembered when you're gone?

Finally my nominees :D

I am fairly new to blogging so I don't know enough bloggers to list eleven. Also, I couldn't find how many followers some of these bloggers have so if they have more than 200, sorry.  I will list my absolute favorites, of whom Tara hadn't nominated because apparently I'm not supposed to do that. I also want to add Tara but I can't back-tag either :( 

So, here goes...

1. Barbara at Foot Prints in the Sand
2. Trina from Retro Fashion is My Passion
3. OneMommy from There's Just One Mommy

There you go, a Liebster Award to each of you, with much love from me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Pretty...

I saw this picture today and had to share it with you guys. Aren't they beautiful?
They are mandarin ducks.

Image source

And for some reason it also reminded me of the joke. 

Why do ducks fly South for the Winter?

Image source

No prizes for the winning answer, mainly because the joke is older than my grandparents and also because I don't have anything to give you ;)

For those who have seriously never heard the joke before though, give it a try just for the heck of it :)

UPDATE: Because it's too far to walk :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holding On To My Childhood

Is it totally sad that my favorite movie is a Disney animated movie? I really hope not because my favorite movie is Tangled. Do you also find it strange that I watch cartoons, not because they just happen to be on, but because I like them and I really want to?

How could  anyone not love this ♥

People look at me weird when I tell them I like cartoons and animated movies. They look at me like 'Grow up!'. Well, you know what? I really don't want to. What could possibly be so wrong with me liking them?

I don't remember a time when I didn't like cartoons...especially the fairy tales. I'm sure everyone did when they were small. Difference with me is that I never gave it up. Because I never lost interest. They are funny and happy and there's nothing I don't love about them. I watch everything, from SpongeBob Squarepants to The Little Mermaid - the list goes on and I love them all. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Not one bit.

I'm not a complete baby, I do love other movies - the more age appropriate ones, I guess. For instance, I think The Shawshank Redemption and Fight Club are the best. I also love A Walk to Remember, the Notebook and the Avengers.

The thing is, I don't watch a good movie just once. I watch them over and over again. But imagine watching Fight Club over and over again. You'd probably end up all depressed and messed up in the head. But if it is a happy Disney movie like Ice Age or Finding Nemo, it's just pure entertainment. 

Maybe something really is wrong with me, but I don't care. I should be allowed to like anything I want. I don't think just because I'm an adult, my likes should be frowned upon. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I do, so let me. 

I am a grown up. I am married. I am responsible. I choose to be all these and still hold on to this little piece of my childhood :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

'Should of' & Could of'

First of all, let me tell you, I am from a country that has a language of it's own. But even if English is not my native tongue, I know for a fact this is WRONG. And it bugs me.

Even this makes more sense
Image source
I don't know how many people has noticed this but recently I have been seeing these phrases? 'should of' and 'could of', like everywhere. They mostly seem to appear in the comment sections of different websites. 

When I first started reading it, I didn't know how to make sense of it. I mean I couldn't even guess what they were trying say. I just thought it was a new thing that I hadn't heard of yet. So, in an attempt to educate myself, if you will, I looked it up. And laughed out loud.

Turns out, it's not a new thing. They are trying to write "should have" and "could have". Apparently, they write like that because that's how it sounds like when spoken. Further reading showed that they also use "must of" and "would of". Seriously?! Why not just write should've or could've instead?

I love the English language. I started reading at a very young age and I preferred the English books. I still do - I have a huge collection

Now, I know it's not a big deal to most people, and I don't write or speak perfect English (I'm allowed, cos it's not my language, right?), but it really bugs me when people make gigantic grammatical errors. I don't mind the little ones, but when you make errors like said above, I just want to ask why? Did they not go to school? Have they never read a newspaper? Or they just don't care. 

I have this one twitter follower, she must be about 13 or 14 so I'm assuming she's in high school, and she doesn't seem to know the difference between you're and your or than and then. It's just sad.

I am no one to judge but English is the one universal language we have. I'm afraid that these deliberate errors may become so popular that they may eventually be accepted into the language. Wouldn't that be awful?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Years ago, I used to wish I'd finish with school just so I don't have to look forward to weekends anymore. Because clearly I hadn't thought about jobs and stuff. But really, nobody liked going to morning classes. When it's a job you like, it's not that bad.

Anyway, here I am still, thinking 'Hmm, so today is Wednesday, two more days and it's the weekend again!' Everyday, I wake up and count the days left. Because that's what happens when you take a four year break after high school before going to college (I had a job!). My bad.

Well, it's not all bad. Because now that I'm married, living so far from home doesn't make much of a difference to me. I have my husband here with me and I'm happy. 

So maybe I should quit complaining and just be thankful that it doesn't matter which day of the week it is. Because it doesn't matter. What maters is I have the chance to get an education and I'm with the person I love most. 

Image source

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rainy Days Are The Best

Don't you just love rain? I do. That is when I am at home and have nowhere important to go. I absolutely loathe it when I have to go out, but that's not important. Point is, I love rain. I love listening to it (minus the thunder) and I love watching it. No matter how bad I'm feeling, the musical rhythm of rain drops is guaranteed to help me forget about it. Even if it's just for fleeting moment. And the smell of the grass right after...oh, my!

The other night, I was at home alone at around 3 am, it started raining heavily. So, I decided to get myself a nice cup of tea. And by cup I mean giant mug. While I sat in my room enjoying the tea and the sound of the rain, reading a novel, it occurred to me that this was pretty much a perfect night. The tea tasted divine and given the time of the night, all was quite except for the rain. My idea of bliss.

Image source

I used to do this all the time when I was in high school. Not the average teenager thing, I know. Watching the rain fall, illuminated by the tall yellow street lamps, was my favorite thing then. Maybe even now. We had giant windows in the living room and I just sat there, usually with the lights out, watching the rain holding a steaming mug of tea. Ahh...memories :) Nothing more peaceful than that.

Wrapping my palms around the hot mug lets the heat run up my arms and into my body. That's such a nice feeling. Now, I'm not a tea fanatic and I do not know about the various types and flavors of tea. The only flavors I have tasted are lemon and strawberry. I loved them both. I always take my tea with sugar. A lot of it. Or honey...not so much of it. Or both. Did this post just turn into one about tea?

But on a cold day, when I am at home and I have nothing to do, there's nothing else I'd rather have. Unless it's when I just wake up - then I'd want coffee. Strong and black. Because I don't really function without it. I'm not very friendly before my morning coffee. Whoa! Going off topic again.

I should tell you, I'm a lazy person. Big surprise!? No? Okay, well, my favorite thing to do at home is lazing around. So, it gets better when it rains. It's just so calming. I mean, really - picture yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting at the window in a comfy chair, sipping the wonderful tea - not a single thing to worry about. You gotta admit - that sounds pretty good.

Image source

My favorite place in my University is the library. Located on the fifth floor, the endless rows of windows gives the best view of the area. And when it rains, I never wanna leave. By the way, I'm in the library right now and it's raining while I am writing this post. How awesome is that?

So tell me, what do you do on rainy days?

Do you like tea? What flavor would you recommend?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hmm...What Could This Mean?

Back home we have a superstition that when your eye is twitching, something's gonna happen. The nature of the event is  determined by the eye.

Like if it's the right eye, it's a good thing and if it's the left eye, it's a bad thing. Or the other way around. I really don't know because I don't believe in superstitions. Because for these kinds of things, I believe there is a medical or scientific explanation.

My left eye has been twitching for two days now, so I just looked it up. That's code for Googling, because I do it too much and I don't want you to think I go there for everything.

Psst...I actually do ;)

Anyway, while reading the top two search results, I found that it's a condition called Myokymia and it's nothing. I mean it might mean something when it's more violent or if it involves both eyes. Neither in my case. It's probably gonna go away soon.

Meanwhile, to get rid of the discomfort, these steps were recommended.

1) Get more sleep this week - I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see this cos if I slept any more, I'll just need to not get out of bed at all.
2) Use a warm compresses ( warm water on washcloth) a few times a day - This I will try.
3) Try to de-stress - Um...okay. Not that I am stressed. Or am I?
4) Drink less caffeine - I might be drinking a black coffee right now, but it's just once a day, so I'm gonna ignore this one too.

Has this ever happened to you?

Do you have superstitions?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Do You Think...Be Honest

I love drawing. I used to draw all the time. And then I stopped. But even when I did draw, I never drew people. I always though I couldn't so I never even tried. I just draw cartoons and comics and other random objects.

But now that I have decided to start drawing again, I'm thinking of learning to draw people too. So, I found this website and and it's awesome.

For a first lesson in shading and hatching I tried this one last night. I think it's okay. But I still have a long way to go.

I'll keep you posted with my progress if I decide to keep going.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Facepalm Moment

I recently switched to the intense debate notification system, simply because the blogger system is ugly. And this new one also has commentluv, which means I can see the most recent posts by people who leave comments here.

But I did something stupid. Because that's what I am. I completely forgot about the mobile view of this blog. So what's been happening is, when someone views my blog on a mobile device, the commenting system remains the old one. And when that system is used, the comments from the new system disappears. I did not know this happened until today. 

I Googled the problem and found out that it was my fault. 

So, nearly an hour and two lost comments that I couldn't recover later, I have now updated the mobile view template and it should be fine now. 

If anybody else is using the same system, make sure you don't make the same mistake. Because losing comments is just sad :(


Okay, so we went to see Skyfall last night. I saw that the IMDB rating was 8.1 and there was a lot of build-up prior to the release of the movie, so I went in ready to be impressed. I guess you can see where this is going. 

That's right. It wasn't as great as I had expected. I mean when you go into a 007 movie, I'm sure you all expect a lot of gadgets and a fantastic plot. Well, there were no such gadgets - but there was one awesome car - and the plot was extremely weak. I don't want to go into the details and spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet, but I must say I was disappointed.

Update: The plot was really really predictable.

It wasn't boring, but there were some scenes that stretched on a few minutes too long. And as far as I am concerned, Bond did not have real mission.

The actors did quite well though. Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Javier Bardem did a fair job portraying characters that were, for the lack of a better word, stupid. 

Now, I have only watched just a few James Bond movies, but I'm sure they could have done better.

Although we went out to see a 007 movie, that was not the highlight of the day. Nope. 

That would be when I walked into a dustbin.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Remember my earlier post about thunder?

Well, this is the reason.

And then the rain got heavier and the thunder became louder and more frequent. Then water started coming into the living room so I had to come in and close the door.

Also, the thunder was scaring me too much.

I am now all cozy in my bed. Perfect weekend.

It's beautiful and scary all at the same time :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

I Consider This A Win

Felt like having pizza a couple of hours ago, so I decided to make one myself. Shocker! I know. And then I remembered I don't have yeast. Five minutes on Google and found this

And I did it!! Look!

I made a few changes of course.

For the dough, I added an extra 1/2 cup flour . I used one egg instead of two and added a tbsp of vegetable oil. I didn't have any dried oregano, so I used Italian herb mix instead, and I used only 1/3 cup of milk. I also added a tsp of chopped garlic for extra taste.

For the toppings I sautéed some chicken breasts that I sliced thinly and a cut up sausage with some garlic and chili. I didn't have pizza sauce so I just used spaghetti sauce. What? I'm lazy, and Google said it's okay.

First I baked the crust alone for 10 minutes in a 400 degree f (204 degree c) oven. Then I took it out, brushed on some olive oil, added the toppings and cheese and baked for another 8-10 minutes.

Try it out. It's really good and easy. Mine came out a little salty - I always do that. I put the right amount in...feel like it needs more (it never does) so I put in a bit more. I gotta stop doing that. Nafew says it's because I don't trust myself. Well, that's because I always screw it up. 

But this one is a win...I think.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

FLC Update

So I was at the FLC 2012 camp  from the 3rd to 5th November. Let me tell you how much fun it was.

I woke up at 6 on Saturday morning and was at Nilai Springs Resort & Hotel at seven thirty. Had breakfast and ran to the first session upstairs. Fought to stay awake while listening to a speech so early in the morning and proceeded downstairs for the next session. So, waking up before dawn and running from room to room to make it in time all day long, all the while being responsible for the punctuality and presence of 17 other participants was the main thing I did there. All three days.

I was in a suit for the first time in my life so I don't think I need to tell you how uncomfortable I was. Also, I was wearing 3 inch heels which doesn't sound that bad (I know...I've worn higher), but when you're practically running in them for three days except when you're sleeping, it's uncomfortable as fahk. I have blisters for proof. Because one pair was new and I did the 'gangnam style' in the other.

The room was so cold, and I was sharing so I couldn't do much about it, I thought I'd never sleep. But I did. I was that tired. The two nights.

There was this one speech by a lady, I swear I don't remember a word she spoke. It was so incredibly boring. Not the content, but how she delivered. Awful.

Wait! I was gonna tell you how much fun it was!

The Dale Carnegie training session and the Grooming & Etiquette session by Chapter One were so much fun! We all had a blast. Who knew we've been shaking our hands, or standing, or sitting wrong all this time. As it turns we were. These two sessions basically told us we've been doing everything wrong our whole lives, and taught us how to do them right. It was awesome. And I received certificates from those sessions to stick in to the CV I might never use. But I would know how to hold a conversation with someone I just met without awkward silences in between sentences now. Score!

The food was great. I loved it! The accommodation was really good too...except it was really cold. The room was beautiful with a giant picture window on one whole wall; the view was fantastic!. There was a big comfortable bed and a giant bathroom too. I shared the room with two other girls. They were the best.

I'm in the grey suit 7th from the right.
I met people from not only all over Malaysia, but from all over the world. That was a nice experience. I made so many friends, most won't last, but some will definitely last a long long time.

Best of all, I got to freak people out by telling them I'm married. I think I was the only married student there. There were people I suspect are married but I have no confirmation. I didn't just go around telling them so, but during some conversations, mostly about staying out of campus when I'm from abroad, brought it up and most of there reactions were priceless.

So, at the end of the day, it was a great experience I'm gonna get to use for a very long time, and I loved it! Blisters and suits and the barely enough sleep included.

PS: Robin, it was raining cats and dogs so no pool time :(

Monday, October 29, 2012

YouTube Comments Rage

We don't have cable TV, because if we did, I'd be watching E! and TLC all the time and won't do any studying. Ever. So at home, we all rely on the internet, namely the ever so loyal YouTube to be entertained. I mean really, name one thing you cannot find on YouTube. 

I thought so.

Anyway, recently I discovered these channels on YouTube that uploads the best cooking game shows. Did I tell you how much I love them? No? I'm nuts about them...and home makeover shows. 

So the thing is, I like reading YouTube comments. Some are so funny and the others are just downright crazy! And the arguments are awesome. When you see a clever come back in reply to a comment, you'd wanna see what it was in reply to right? So you click 'Show comment'. Do that enough times and you'd see a drama unfold. Just grab the popcorn and read on. Sometimes they are better than the video you're watching. I promise!

But the thing about comments is, what you read cannot be unread. And when watching the cooking game shows, episode by episode, there are certain comments that can ruin the entire show for you. So lately I've been trying to refrain from reading the comments section because this happened. 

I was watching a season of the Great British Bake Off, and I read this comment right before I watched the finale, which by then had become kinda pointless. 

Seriously, what's the point in doing this. What kinda pleasure does this person get from knowing that he's ruined the show for a bunch of people? 

Don't you just hate it when this happens?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Proud Wife, I am

I have a confession to make. I have been with Nafew for four years and I have never seen him play until today. He's been playing football (not American) his whole life. It's his thing. He can't live without it. Two years ago, he was at practice to play for a first division team when he broke his leg. He lost the chance of a lifetime, and his all time dream career. He still plays for fun with his friends regularly. 

I know it's a shame that I have never seen him play. It's not like I never wanted to. It's just for some reason, I didn't, before today.

Today he played a one-day futsal cup to celebrate Eid and I went to watch. I loved it! I regret not going before because it's such a treat to watch! He's fast, light on his feet, and he's really really good. His team played three matches, they lost in the semi-finals, but he scored SIX goals. You should have seen me on the grass, grinning like an idiot. I was like a delighted child who just scored some candy :D

But excitement aside, it was also really nerve wrecking. Every time someone got too close to him or tackled him, my heart skipped a beat. I was so scared. I was also worried whenever the opposing team tried to score.

Of course, he won the top scorer trophy. And today, I'm a very proud wife.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Eid Mubarak!

May God bless you and your loved ones on this joyous occasion.

Monday, October 22, 2012

FLC 2012

Good news everyone :) 

I am officially a student facilitator for Future Leaders Camp (FLC) 2012. Earlier this year I was a student facilitator for Youth Empowerment Symposium (YES) 2012. It is a great honor to be handpicked from over four hundred students to be in a team of 10, to lead the participants throughout the whole event.  

The event is over a weekend plus the following Monday (November 3rd to 5th). We are staying at Nilai Springs Resort & Hotel. Very exciting, although I'm not quite sure how I'm going to cope with not being with my husband for two whole nights. I know most girls would jump at a chance like this but I'm not very good at sleeping alone (blush).

Next weekend I'm going shopping for my first suit! We're supposed to dress sharp, we have a grooming and etiquette sessions which I thing is going to be my favorite. The program is designed to prepare us for being leaders in the future. 

You can read more about the event here. Wish me luck.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This One's A Rant

On Tuesday morning, we woke up really early, after only four hours of sleep, because we wanted to go to a hospital in Seremban. I had been having a pain in my lower right back and wanted to see a doctor. Thing is, I have a bit of a history with the nerves on my right side of which I'm not going to spare you the details, but long story short, we thought this might be related to it. 

We got to the hospital at around eleven thirty in the morning and were in the doctor's office by twelve noon. She wanted to get a few tests done and they are super expensive. My student insurance only covers inpatient procedures so she advised it would be best if I got admitted. We decided it would be okay, because in our minds, we were gonna get the tests done and go home in the evening. We had some time to kill until my insurance approval came through and I went and saw an Ob/Gyn, where I had a pap smear for the first time in my life. Oh, the horror! 

So I got admitted and we waited for the doctor to come. Meanwhile, since I was admitted in a hospital, I kept feeling like I should be really sick, but I wasn't. Around five thirty in the afternoon, the doctor came in and gave me the details of the tests that I'll be going through and we waited. Three hours later a nurse came in with some medication and I asked when I'll be going for the tests. And she said it would probably be in the morning because it'll be more costly when it's not office hours so we were staying overnight. What? 

So there I was in a bed in this hospital I had never been to before with nothing except our wallets and keys. I left a dish in the sink, the garbage needs to be taken out and more importantly, I didn't have a change of underwear! 

Nine forty five, we decided it'd be best if we got some sleep since we didn't get much the night before. Nafew got comfortable in his chair with his feet on the bed under the blanket, and me in the bed, but then another nurse came in and informed Nafew that he cannot stay inside because it was a female only ward. Where would he go? We  were a few hours away from home! She told him he could sleep on a couch in the lounge. Seriously!  

We then decided he should take the train home to get some sleep and come back with some stuff on the first train back in the morning, so he left. And came back twenty minutes later, because he was FOUR minutes too late to catch the last train out.

Nafew spent a sleepless night outside while I slept a fitful three hours inside. All procedures started right after breakfast. I got some electrotherapy and had an EEG, which I think are just glorified words for minor electrocution, and an x-ray and an MRI. After all was complete, I went back to bed and waited for the results, and to be discharged. The doctor came in around three in the afternoon, showed me the results, yada yada yada, and told me I have another session of electrotherapy, and also an orthopedic surgeon was coming to see me in the morning. OMG we were staying another night!

So we got a private room, for which we had to pay a bunch of money, but we really needed it. We took showers and went to sleep, both of us, finally. 

Next morning when the doctor came in, I told her I wanted to come home that day. She didn't sound too happy, but agreed to discharge me after therapy. We came home on Thursday evening. Thank God.

Here are the main highlights of the stay. 

1. When I saw the Ob/Gyn, he asked 'How many children do you have?' Not do you have any but how many. He had just decided that I have kids. 

2. The private room had a lockable? cupboard in which we could store our stuff. The key to it said "Wardrope". 

3. It was so damn cold in the ward and the room I don't know how anybody slept there. I had two blankets and was still freezing. Apparently they cannot turn it down in any one area because it was centralized. 

4. The nurse that accompanied me to the therapy room took me in an elevator that had arrows going to it saying 'Clinical Waste'. Inside were bio-hazard signs that said 'Strictly for Clinical Waste', and 'Do Not Enter! Only Clinical Waste!' She was either new or did not care.

Pic from here

5. All food served were Malaysian. I couldn't eat it. Nafew brought in food from outside.

6. The medicine made me more sick than I actually was. Side effects.

7. After the EEG the doctor told me she would 'prick' me with a needle and it won't hurt. It was a fat needle. She pushed it into three different points on my leg and it hurt and bled a little.

8. At one point in bed I was so bored that I thought 'This is how I die. Of boredom.'

I realize I have done nothing but complain in this post but that's because it was that bad. Because I didn't belong there. I went to see the doctor and come home. I was not prepared. But the doctors and the nurses were very nice and I was treated well. The medicine and the therapy is helping. I feel much better now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well This Is New

Never thought I'd have to say this, but I'm home sick.

As a kid, I used to play in this very spot.

When I was a teen, I always dreamed of living abroad because, to be honest, it was boring at home. Nothing exciting ever happened there. Granted the entire population of the country is only a little over 300,000 which is why nothing happened, I didn't care for reasons. I always envisioned myself living in a high rise building in a busy city. I did live in the city back at home too, but it was nothing like I had in mind.

Whenever I visited mom in the island, I was always bored to death. I missed the lights and the sound of the traffic. The beaches, the sea, and the endless rows of coconut palms did not entice me. I hated it. The only good thing about going to the island is that my mom is there.

This is a 'binbi' (finger millet) field, very common in the

Shortly before we came to Malaysia, Nafew and I went to stay in the island for a month. It was still extremely boring, but I appreciated the outdoors more. I even loved walking through the coconut palms.

A palm lined road leading to the beach.
And now that I have been away for more than a year, I'm thinking it's not so bad. I still don't want to live there, but I'd love to visit every once in a while. 

This was such a fun day at the beach.

I wanted to stay here forever but it was getting dark...

I was born and raised in the Maldives so I'm kinda attached, permanently. And I miss it so much.

We thought this was pretty :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Because Opposites Attract Right

So I baked a cake tonight..ahem...with a cake mix, but that is irrelevant. The important thing is, I had to cut the cake in half and make two different frostings because that's how similar we are. Not.

One half is lemon frosting and the other half is chocolate buttercream of course. 

This half is lemon frosting for moi because I love everything citrus. I mean EVERYTHING.

And this half is chocolate buttercream frosting for Nafew because he is lame.

But hey, they say opposites attract. And we do.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost Magic

The building we live in is super old. The interior and the structure of this place is nothing like I have seen before, but hey, we don't have much of a choice, so we suck it up and live here. 

Now, I rarely complain of the heat. Because it doesn't really bother me. I don't like the feeling of cool air on my skin. I'd rather be comfortably warm than anything else. So the fact that this place has been 33 oC everyday for the last two weeks or so and that we only have a ceiling fan and no air-conditioner, has not been much of a problem for me. Until a few days ago.

Which is when I started feeling hot. Even at night! I was literally sweating and it was an almost foreign feeling for me. At first I was worried that something might be wrong with me. And then I thought maybe not. It could be a problem with the fan. 

This thought made me all sad because we just spent a bunch of money on a busted valve thingy in the water tank in our bathroom (which deserves a post of its own) and we don't have money to spare on more stupid broken things in this old as fahk apartment.

I was gonna tell Nafew to check the fan, but then I forgot.

Cut to yesterday afternoon, Nafew and I were melting and he asked me to turn up the fan. I told him it was at its highest power but then we looked at it and it was running suspiciously slow. Then he asked me when we last cleaned the fan. 

I don't know. 

I mean it's not my job to clean the fan because I'm tiny, so I really DON'T KNOW. So we stopped the fan to see if it needed cleaning and I nearly passed out. 

It was filthy. I seriously don't know how we have not caught some dust related disease and died. But since we were still alive by some miracle, and this thing on our ceiling was nasty we decided to clean it, that very moment. 

We have this one, except it's older and yellowish :(
Image from here

After cleaning the fan, we turned it back on and it was pure bliss. Even at mid-power, we got cool air. And at this point, I can honestly say, I don't mind the cool air on my skin. Because after days of icky heat, this was divine. 

So it turns out our fan works fine. It just needed some elbow grease or cleaner tenants and it works like new. Almost like magic.

Friday, October 5, 2012

This One's For My Mom

I come from a long line of educators. My mom is a teacher. Her mother and her brother are teachers. And she has four cousins that are teachers. Oh, and my dad is also sort of a teacher because he trains news casters. 

Whoa! That's a lot of teachers right? But for some reason, I didn't get the gene and in a way, I am so glad for it. Because I can't even stand the thought of being a teacher. I don't have the patience to do it. I mean as far as I understand, it takes a lot of patience to be a teacher. A lot

I hear stories about rebellious kids, and kids who are slow learners and so on. I have actually been with those kids in class myself. I'm sure it takes a lot of work not to be pissed of or, even if you are, not to show it. Seriously, if it were me, I'd probably burst into angry tears and run home everyday. So, I guess that makes them the most tolerant, and hard working people ever.

My mom has been a teacher for a very long time. I believe it's been nearly twenty years now, maybe more. She was my very first teacher too. I never went to pre-school and she taught me at home before I started first grade. 

She's very good at it and the kids love her. Random young adults walk up to her on the streets and tell her they used to be her students. They tell her about their lives and their work and it makes her proud to know she had a hand in helping them reach this point in their lives. 

I'm very proud of her too. 

Happy Teachers' Day, Mom. I love you.