Thursday, May 31, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

This songs has been playing on a constant loop in my head for over three weeks, yet I'm not tired of it. Nope...not one bit :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dreams of Angry Birds and Victoria Beckham

I have always been on the thin side. I am used to people greeting me like, “Oh my God, you’ve grown thinner,” or “Still as thin *smirk* huh?” instead of the regular “Hi” and “Hellos.” Oh, and to add to it, I am so short you could never spot me in a crowd, ever. All in all, I am a miniature person who cannot run fifteen feet even if there was a fire.

So after high school a number of years ago I don’t care to count, I made it a mission to gain some weight, or at least grow fitter. I started my first job and a while later enrolled in a gym! True story :D And by a while  I mean more than a year. I had a personal trainer and I loved working out three days a week; for a little over a month. Then I stopped. Because that was when everything in my personal life decided to all gang up on me and attack me and beat the crap out of me. It was a bitter war that lasted for a couple of months thereafter and I had lost all interest in getting fit. Boo hoo, I know, I’m a wuss.

Here I am now, three years later, twenty five, and happily married. I am now the proud owner of an elliptical machine that I use like three to four times a month, or less depending on college work. The fitness master just sits there and collects dust, and no doubt sobs late at night because of utter loneliness. I need motivation people.

So a few years from now, if I have a baby, I am gonna end up all fat and pudgy for sure. Given my height, I will most probably represent an angry bird. Or if I start working out right now, and hopefully keep at it, I might end up like Victoria Beckham! (A bit shorter though)

Dreaming on. 

*Angry Bird pic "borrowed" from here

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prince of the Forest

I grew up watching movies like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, and Beauty and the Beast. I loved them all except Bambi. No, no! Not because it wasn’t good. I just didn’t get it. I must have watched it like twenty plus times but I just don’t understand it. You ask me why?

Well, first of all, why is a deer the prince of a forest? Where is Bambi’s father? At the end Bambi is on the edge of the rock when the new baby is born, then was the majestic deer in the same place at the beginning his father? These are a few questions I have about the movie. I had more, but I forgot. Oh, and what exactly is the point of the whole movie?

A few days ago, I decided to watch the movie again. You know, now that I’m twenty five, married and all grown up, I figured I must understand it better if I watch it now.

I didn’t.

I still have the same questions. I still don’t get the point of the story and why is the guy skunk okay with the name ‘flower’? Guess I’ll never know. Maybe there is a really deep meaning to everything that’s going on in the movie. I hear and read people saying that it’s such a moving and sad movie. Maybe it is, but I failed to experience those emotions due to the fact that I’m a possible moron. So with this movie, I draw the conclusion that I should stick to more regular fairy tales or the average boy meets girl movies so that I can actually enjoy them. I would, however, love it if one of you out there could explain the movie to me. It might make me feel less of an invalid because I cannot let a Disney movie get to me, you know L

Picture of Bambi from here 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apes and Grapes

Seems legit. 

My husband is a documentary warrior. I mean if there was a war on documentaries, he would be out there risking his life for it; or not. I don’t know. Point is he loves documentaries, and the other day he was watching this one about apes. Apparently they are geniuses. It’s called “Ape Geniuses” go figure (eye-roll). The scientists were doing experiments to measure their intelligence and he told me about this particular one that I thought was super cool.

So, grapes were offered to a chimpanzee, which were in an apparatus that required certain mechanics to retrieve each grape. Well, of course the chimp didn’t know how to work it at first (it was no Einstein). After it fumbled around for a while and failed, the scientist showed the chimp how to do it. Then he repeated it a couple of times and gave it to the chimp again. Lo and behold! The chimp got a grape, and another and another. Then the apparatus was taken to another cage and the chimps in it didn’t have to be taught because they had been watching this whole thing go down and they just worked it like they’ve been doing it their whole life. It was again taken to a cage further away and they all knew how to use it. How cool is that?

I was duly impressed because one thing is for sure. I am a full grown human (at least age wise if not by height ;)) and I know for sure that I couldn’t have worked a never seen before grape-retrievy-thingy if I was not shown how to do it first. But hey, I might just be more ape then they are. 

*Picture from this website

Throw Pillows and Shoes...Just No Rugs

I like this one :)

Shopping is fun but by no means is it easy. Tonight I tried to find a rug for our living room and nearly one hour and several shoes and throw pillows I must have later, I was still drawing blanks on my rug shopping. Don’t get me wrong, there were several that caught my eye and would look perfect in my living room but, they are no match for my student budget. I tried finding stuff on ebay Malaysia but, the idea of a floor rug seem to be lost on them. So were all the other online stores in Malay apparently. I then went on to search the oh-so-talked-about and they had beautiful rugs that I can actually afford. On the downside however, they turned out to be miniature ones created for dollhouses. I don’t have a dollhouse. This whole online shopping was giving me major sads after an hour or so, so I decided to leave and make dinner.

Anyhoo…my living room floor is bare and cold for now but I hope it’s not for long. Until then, here’s a picture of what I really want, so if spotted, holler.