Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apes and Grapes

Seems legit. 

My husband is a documentary warrior. I mean if there was a war on documentaries, he would be out there risking his life for it; or not. I don’t know. Point is he loves documentaries, and the other day he was watching this one about apes. Apparently they are geniuses. It’s called “Ape Geniuses” go figure (eye-roll). The scientists were doing experiments to measure their intelligence and he told me about this particular one that I thought was super cool.

So, grapes were offered to a chimpanzee, which were in an apparatus that required certain mechanics to retrieve each grape. Well, of course the chimp didn’t know how to work it at first (it was no Einstein). After it fumbled around for a while and failed, the scientist showed the chimp how to do it. Then he repeated it a couple of times and gave it to the chimp again. Lo and behold! The chimp got a grape, and another and another. Then the apparatus was taken to another cage and the chimps in it didn’t have to be taught because they had been watching this whole thing go down and they just worked it like they’ve been doing it their whole life. It was again taken to a cage further away and they all knew how to use it. How cool is that?

I was duly impressed because one thing is for sure. I am a full grown human (at least age wise if not by height ;)) and I know for sure that I couldn’t have worked a never seen before grape-retrievy-thingy if I was not shown how to do it first. But hey, I might just be more ape then they are. 

*Picture from this website