Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dreams of Angry Birds and Victoria Beckham

I have always been on the thin side. I am used to people greeting me like, “Oh my God, you’ve grown thinner,” or “Still as thin *smirk* huh?” instead of the regular “Hi” and “Hellos.” Oh, and to add to it, I am so short you could never spot me in a crowd, ever. All in all, I am a miniature person who cannot run fifteen feet even if there was a fire.

So after high school a number of years ago I don’t care to count, I made it a mission to gain some weight, or at least grow fitter. I started my first job and a while later enrolled in a gym! True story :D And by a while  I mean more than a year. I had a personal trainer and I loved working out three days a week; for a little over a month. Then I stopped. Because that was when everything in my personal life decided to all gang up on me and attack me and beat the crap out of me. It was a bitter war that lasted for a couple of months thereafter and I had lost all interest in getting fit. Boo hoo, I know, I’m a wuss.

Here I am now, three years later, twenty five, and happily married. I am now the proud owner of an elliptical machine that I use like three to four times a month, or less depending on college work. The fitness master just sits there and collects dust, and no doubt sobs late at night because of utter loneliness. I need motivation people.

So a few years from now, if I have a baby, I am gonna end up all fat and pudgy for sure. Given my height, I will most probably represent an angry bird. Or if I start working out right now, and hopefully keep at it, I might end up like Victoria Beckham! (A bit shorter though)

Dreaming on. 

*Angry Bird pic "borrowed" from here