Saturday, May 26, 2012

Throw Pillows and Shoes...Just No Rugs

I like this one :)

Shopping is fun but by no means is it easy. Tonight I tried to find a rug for our living room and nearly one hour and several shoes and throw pillows I must have later, I was still drawing blanks on my rug shopping. Don’t get me wrong, there were several that caught my eye and would look perfect in my living room but, they are no match for my student budget. I tried finding stuff on ebay Malaysia but, the idea of a floor rug seem to be lost on them. So were all the other online stores in Malay apparently. I then went on to search the oh-so-talked-about and they had beautiful rugs that I can actually afford. On the downside however, they turned out to be miniature ones created for dollhouses. I don’t have a dollhouse. This whole online shopping was giving me major sads after an hour or so, so I decided to leave and make dinner.

Anyhoo…my living room floor is bare and cold for now but I hope it’s not for long. Until then, here’s a picture of what I really want, so if spotted, holler.


  1. Good luck on your endless quest for a perfect RUG... :P
    From; Zayan Rameez

  2. xae, did u find one. hehhehehe

  3. Nah...but then we were gifted one. Which I managed to ruin in a few weeks :(