Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Just a Walk Up a Hill

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen making us some sandwiches, when my husband poked his head out of the bedroom and told me to hurry up because we were going hiking. No really, he did.

Anyway, I thought that by hiking he meant walking up a pretty hill. I don’t wanna lie so I should tell you, I wasn’t really surprised by this. The night before, we had a barbecue and there were talks about hiking plans for today. Also, a few days ago, my husband made me lean all the way out on the balcony railing to show me what looked like a narrow road on a hill and told me it was a hiking trail and we should go someday. So I knew this was coming.

The thing is, even when we set out to meet our friends for this hiking trip, I never really thought it was gonna be real “Hiking”. I asked my husband, before we left, if he was sure it’s a hiking trail and he said yes, because there is a sign that says hiking at the bottom. You see, one cannot rally trust what the signs say here.

The statue outside Batu Caves; stairs can be seen behind.
Once, we went to a place called ‘Batu Caves’ and I expected a series of caves, all dark with bats and stuff. No, not really.  It was a cave; big, but single. We had to take a gazillion steps to reach there, and it was actually a sacred shrine for the Hindus. I was a bit disappointed, but the place was beautiful nonetheless. The coolest thing about the place is the gigantic golden statue of ‘Murugan’, one of their gods. Unlucky for me, it was under renovation and had steel frames around it so I couldn’t get a picture with it, but fantastic anyway. My point is the place is not what the name says.

My husband in a temple outside the Batu Caves
Back to yesterday… So, since I was not really sure where we were going, I dressed in a shirt and jeans with flats. Fifteen minutes later, already panting and struggling to walk uphill, I realized we were really hiking and I had no choice except go with it.

Even if I wasn’t appropriately dressed for it, I had a lot of fun and did not fall or slip. Not once. My husband, however, slipped right behind me and ended up in a very awkward position.  I laughed so much I needed help standing up because my husband, being himself, remained there until a photograph was taken to remember that embarrassing situation by. I really wanna upload it here but he might not like it so much.

So, all in all, yesterday was a really fun day doing something I had never done, or thought I would do, before. The view from the top was beautiful. I actually wanted to wait there for a while, but it was getting dark and we had to leave. Oh, and also, we saw a wild boar. So cool, because where I come from, there are chickens, cats, rats and a few cows and goats. In case you didn’t get the point; we don’t have any wild animals. Maybe the next time, I’ll see something else and also have more time to stop and enjoy the view. 

*Pic of Statue from here

Saturday, June 16, 2012


One good pic we got at i-City


So have you ever felt like people in a certain place were really, really ignorant? Cos I have.  I have been here for nearly a year now and I have noticed, on several occasions, how people don’t know the polite way to converse with others. Maybe they don’t mean to sound like that, but it sure is how they come across to me. Either that or they are just extremely rude.

I just wrote about going to i-City right? So, there I was trying to get a picture near a giant sunflower thingy and I was trying to give my good side to the camera when a rather plump woman planted herself next to me with her children, apparently to get a photo as well. I just wondered at that moment if she couldn't have waited just a few minutes till I was finished, you know. I mean, the whole time we were there, we were trying to avoid disturbing anyone else who was getting their picture taken, ducking and walking around them  because, you know, it’s polite.  She had choices among the many other flowers there, but poor me being vertically challenged and all, I had no choice cos this was the shortest one there.

This also reminded me of something that happened in an Apple studio a month back. My husband wanted to know the price of an iPad in dollars and the sales guy asked the exchange price. My husband didn’t know, but guessed anyway. Apparently he was way off, cos this dude gave us the dirtiest look. My husband tried again, and was wrong again. You know what this guy said to him then?

I mean, WTF man? I know English is not his first language, but I’m certain that even if he said it in his own language, it would still sound terrible. I knew this because he almost yelled it, hence the caps.

Also, two weeks back, I was at the college trying to figure something out.  I was talking to a lady, a very nice one, and she was telling me that the information I had was not accurate and so on. But then, this older lady next to her decided to butt in. here’s how that conversation went.

Nice Lady: I’m sorry. We don’t offer that anymore.
(I was a bit dumbstruck by her sudden outburst, I had no idea what to say so just gave a blank stare but she demanded again.)
Me: Friends? The school of business?
Nice lady: We haven’t offered that option in two years, I’m sorry. (Polite smile)
(I smiled to her in return and was about to thank her when…)
Old Lady: Well, you go back to whoever told you about this and find out more.

For a minute I was like, what the hell is going on? I was getting the help I wanted; I already knew I had a misunderstanding so why on earth would this lady butt into the conversation.

I gritted my teeth, raised up and walked away but inside, I wanted to punch her in the face or say something equally rude in return like; I wasn’t even talking to you!

People! Sometimes I hate them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday afternoon, nobody had classes and we were dying of boredom the minute we got out of bed. Decided to go to Nilai Springs where I had to sit and watch everyone in the pool cos I don’t own “proper” swimming attire. As a bonus I was told, as I was leaving, that I can’t even go into the perimeters of the pool if I wasn’t swimming next time. I seriously think that he thought that up on the spot.

Went to play pool and won one game out of two. Or was it three? I don’t remember now.

Saturday afternoon, had plans to rent a car and go out somewhere. Plans went into motion around 5pm and it was six thirty when we actually hit the road. Road trip was ok. GPS wouldn’t give us directions to where we wanted to go so we put in a random address in the city we were going to. Ended up in the middle of nowhere and then the phone GPS died. Got directions from a KFC and made it safely in i-City.

It’s a beautiful place. The place was full of brightly lit trees of all colors. I loved it. People all around were armed with expensive looking cameras clicking away and all we had were two freaking iPhones.  But, we made as much as we could out of it and got a couple of decent photos. Apparently, there is a snow-world place in there with snow and it’s cold and pretty. We couldn’t find it and also we had to be home by midnight to watch the Euro 2012 Netherland VS Denmark. Maybe next time.

Sunday afternoon, woke up and decided to bake a cake. Cousin of my husband left us an oven when she moved back home and it took three people all of thirty five minutes to work the thing. The cake came out beautifully and I decorated it with orange frosting I made from scratch; yay me!! And chocolate chips.  It was delicious.
* This is what was left of it when remembered to take a picture :)

At midnight, watched Spain VS Italy; go Spain!! It was a draw, phew!

Waiting for the next weekend.

PS: All days begin in the afternoon because, well, I wake up in the afternoon.


The first game was a draw, so no sweat for now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Morning

This is the most unfortunate morning I’ve had in a long time. Here’s how it went.

Wake up to the sound of the alarm and while turning it off, realize I had set it an hour early. An hour you guys! That's a butt load of precious sleep. Set the alarm again to the right time and fall back to sleep after twenty minutes or so. Wake up to the alarm, again, after what felt like two minutes. You know the feeling.

Take a shower and turn on the coffee. Go to get dressed and find the top I was going to wear was covered in lint. Where the f@#*! did that come from? Take off pants, pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that wasn’t really presentable because it had been in the wardrobe for god-knows-how long and I didn’t have time to iron it.

 Forget about coffee.

Seven minutes till the bus leaves, stuff the books into the bag and toss in an eyeliner and mascara with them, because you know; no time to wear those either.

Remember about coffee, get it and tried to swallow it in one go, almost burning my tongue off in the process. Leave it and rush out to find it was raining a little and I didn’t have an umbrella. Whatever; could be worse.

Half a block to the bus and see it’s almost leaving. Break into a sprint to attempt a go for it. Don’t remember the last time I ran and felt super awkward. Le wild paranoia kept telling me people were staring at me weird. But it was twenty-past-crap in the morning and the street was empty.

Get on the bus (YAY!!) and flop on to a seat, completely out of breath and exhausted. It’s only seven thirty in the morning and the day is yet to start ;)

*OMG run blonde meme borrowed from this website

Sunday, June 3, 2012

That Moment...

We were supposed to go grocery shopping today but then we didn’t because our sleeping times are all screwed up. I slept at six thirty in the morning and woke up around four in the afternoon, which just happened to be the exact time my husband decided to get in to bed to go to sleep in the first place. Not healthy, I know. Add to that the fact that we’re super active and wide awake from 9pm to 6am, something is seriously wrong with us.

 It’s worked out pretty okay during the past three weeks or so because we have been on break from college, but classes start again tomorrow and now I’m all panicky. Try to picture me in a corner, knees up to my chin, biting my nails and rocking back and forth. Nah! Just kidding...heheh. Or am I?

I have laundry to do, clothes to iron, dinner to make, and a house to clean. By tomorrow.  What I really wanna do is do the laundry, iron the clothes, make dinner, and ask my husband to do the bathroom for me. Actually that’s not true. What I really, really wanna do is eat chocolate and look up random fun stuff on the Internet. But that’s an entirely different post.

Going back to cleaning, the skin on my palm is still peeling owing to my cleaning the bathroom floor two days ago.  I hate wearing gloves because i think they smell funny and cleaning products are more or less, poison to my hands. That does, however, give me a good excuse to slather my palms with ‘Fruit of the Earth, Gentle Healing, Vitamin E, Skincare Lotion’ every twenty minutes or so. It’s ridiculously cheap, super effective and smells heavenly people.

Given the things I have to do, and the fact that my husband’s sleeping and the house is all quiet, I have decided to not do any of them for a few hours and just relax on the couch with my laptop. I think it’s a fabulous idea, don’t you?

*Picture from my Pinterest page right here, and a teeny bit of editing from here.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mary and Max

I just watched a movie called Mary and Max, and noticed this...