Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday afternoon, nobody had classes and we were dying of boredom the minute we got out of bed. Decided to go to Nilai Springs where I had to sit and watch everyone in the pool cos I don’t own “proper” swimming attire. As a bonus I was told, as I was leaving, that I can’t even go into the perimeters of the pool if I wasn’t swimming next time. I seriously think that he thought that up on the spot.

Went to play pool and won one game out of two. Or was it three? I don’t remember now.

Saturday afternoon, had plans to rent a car and go out somewhere. Plans went into motion around 5pm and it was six thirty when we actually hit the road. Road trip was ok. GPS wouldn’t give us directions to where we wanted to go so we put in a random address in the city we were going to. Ended up in the middle of nowhere and then the phone GPS died. Got directions from a KFC and made it safely in i-City.

It’s a beautiful place. The place was full of brightly lit trees of all colors. I loved it. People all around were armed with expensive looking cameras clicking away and all we had were two freaking iPhones.  But, we made as much as we could out of it and got a couple of decent photos. Apparently, there is a snow-world place in there with snow and it’s cold and pretty. We couldn’t find it and also we had to be home by midnight to watch the Euro 2012 Netherland VS Denmark. Maybe next time.

Sunday afternoon, woke up and decided to bake a cake. Cousin of my husband left us an oven when she moved back home and it took three people all of thirty five minutes to work the thing. The cake came out beautifully and I decorated it with orange frosting I made from scratch; yay me!! And chocolate chips.  It was delicious.
* This is what was left of it when remembered to take a picture :)

At midnight, watched Spain VS Italy; go Spain!! It was a draw, phew!

Waiting for the next weekend.

PS: All days begin in the afternoon because, well, I wake up in the afternoon.