Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Just a Walk Up a Hill

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen making us some sandwiches, when my husband poked his head out of the bedroom and told me to hurry up because we were going hiking. No really, he did.

Anyway, I thought that by hiking he meant walking up a pretty hill. I don’t wanna lie so I should tell you, I wasn’t really surprised by this. The night before, we had a barbecue and there were talks about hiking plans for today. Also, a few days ago, my husband made me lean all the way out on the balcony railing to show me what looked like a narrow road on a hill and told me it was a hiking trail and we should go someday. So I knew this was coming.

The thing is, even when we set out to meet our friends for this hiking trip, I never really thought it was gonna be real “Hiking”. I asked my husband, before we left, if he was sure it’s a hiking trail and he said yes, because there is a sign that says hiking at the bottom. You see, one cannot rally trust what the signs say here.

The statue outside Batu Caves; stairs can be seen behind.
Once, we went to a place called ‘Batu Caves’ and I expected a series of caves, all dark with bats and stuff. No, not really.  It was a cave; big, but single. We had to take a gazillion steps to reach there, and it was actually a sacred shrine for the Hindus. I was a bit disappointed, but the place was beautiful nonetheless. The coolest thing about the place is the gigantic golden statue of ‘Murugan’, one of their gods. Unlucky for me, it was under renovation and had steel frames around it so I couldn’t get a picture with it, but fantastic anyway. My point is the place is not what the name says.

My husband in a temple outside the Batu Caves
Back to yesterday… So, since I was not really sure where we were going, I dressed in a shirt and jeans with flats. Fifteen minutes later, already panting and struggling to walk uphill, I realized we were really hiking and I had no choice except go with it.

Even if I wasn’t appropriately dressed for it, I had a lot of fun and did not fall or slip. Not once. My husband, however, slipped right behind me and ended up in a very awkward position.  I laughed so much I needed help standing up because my husband, being himself, remained there until a photograph was taken to remember that embarrassing situation by. I really wanna upload it here but he might not like it so much.

So, all in all, yesterday was a really fun day doing something I had never done, or thought I would do, before. The view from the top was beautiful. I actually wanted to wait there for a while, but it was getting dark and we had to leave. Oh, and also, we saw a wild boar. So cool, because where I come from, there are chickens, cats, rats and a few cows and goats. In case you didn’t get the point; we don’t have any wild animals. Maybe the next time, I’ll see something else and also have more time to stop and enjoy the view. 

*Pic of Statue from here