Saturday, June 16, 2012


So have you ever felt like people in a certain place were really, really ignorant? Cos I have.  I have been here for nearly a year now and I have noticed, on several occasions, how people don’t know the polite way to converse with others. Maybe they don’t mean to sound like that, but it sure is how they come across to me. Either that or they are just extremely rude.

I just wrote about going to i-City right? So, there I was trying to get a picture near a giant sunflower thingy and I was trying to give my good side to the camera when a rather plump woman planted herself next to me with her children, apparently to get a photo as well. I just wondered at that moment if she couldn't have waited just a few minutes till I was finished, you know. I mean, the whole time we were there, we were trying to avoid disturbing anyone else who was getting their picture taken, ducking and walking around them  because, you know, it’s polite.  She had choices among the many other flowers there, but poor me being vertically challenged and all, I had no choice cos this was the shortest one there.

This also reminded me of something that happened in an Apple studio a month back. My husband wanted to know the price of an iPad in dollars and the sales guy asked the exchange price. My husband didn’t know, but guessed anyway. Apparently he was way off, cos this dude gave us the dirtiest look. My husband tried again, and was wrong again. You know what this guy said to him then?

I mean, WTF man? I know English is not his first language, but I’m certain that even if he said it in his own language, it would still sound terrible. I knew this because he almost yelled it, hence the caps.

Also, two weeks back, I was at the college trying to figure something out.  I was talking to a lady, a very nice one, and she was telling me that the information I had was not accurate and so on. But then, this older lady next to her decided to butt in. here’s how that conversation went.

Nice Lady: I’m sorry. We don’t offer that anymore.
(I was a bit dumbstruck by her sudden outburst, I had no idea what to say so just gave a blank stare but she demanded again.)
Me: Friends? The school of business?
Nice lady: We haven’t offered that option in two years, I’m sorry. (Polite smile)
(I smiled to her in return and was about to thank her when…)
Old Lady: Well, you go back to whoever told you about this and find out more.

For a minute I was like, what the hell is going on? I was getting the help I wanted; I already knew I had a misunderstanding so why on earth would this lady butt into the conversation.

I gritted my teeth, raised up and walked away but inside, I wanted to punch her in the face or say something equally rude in return like; I wasn’t even talking to you!

People! Sometimes I hate them.