Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Morning

This is the most unfortunate morning I’ve had in a long time. Here’s how it went.

Wake up to the sound of the alarm and while turning it off, realize I had set it an hour early. An hour you guys! That's a butt load of precious sleep. Set the alarm again to the right time and fall back to sleep after twenty minutes or so. Wake up to the alarm, again, after what felt like two minutes. You know the feeling.

Take a shower and turn on the coffee. Go to get dressed and find the top I was going to wear was covered in lint. Where the f@#*! did that come from? Take off pants, pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that wasn’t really presentable because it had been in the wardrobe for god-knows-how long and I didn’t have time to iron it.

 Forget about coffee.

Seven minutes till the bus leaves, stuff the books into the bag and toss in an eyeliner and mascara with them, because you know; no time to wear those either.

Remember about coffee, get it and tried to swallow it in one go, almost burning my tongue off in the process. Leave it and rush out to find it was raining a little and I didn’t have an umbrella. Whatever; could be worse.

Half a block to the bus and see it’s almost leaving. Break into a sprint to attempt a go for it. Don’t remember the last time I ran and felt super awkward. Le wild paranoia kept telling me people were staring at me weird. But it was twenty-past-crap in the morning and the street was empty.

Get on the bus (YAY!!) and flop on to a seat, completely out of breath and exhausted. It’s only seven thirty in the morning and the day is yet to start ;)

*OMG run blonde meme borrowed from this website