Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The most precious person in my life

Let me tell you about my lovely grandmother.

I just spoke to her over Skype two days ago, after a long time, and I felt really nostalgic. I can see that she did too. The happiness on her face when she saw me cannot be put into words.

You see, I lived with her for over seven years. Seven wonderful years, all of which I spent worriless, calm, and content. Now that I think about it, my grandma must have done all the worrying all those years! I owe her so much for that.

She was and still is the most patient, generous, and honest person I know. She rarely got mad, never punished me, and is responsible for all good I have learned growing up. She raised two equally awesome people, my mother and my uncle, after which she proceeded to raise me, no complaints or second thoughts.

When my mom and dad separated, I lived with my mom for five years after which she decided to study because she wanted a better job to provide for me later on. This is when I went to live with grandma. I was thirteen when grandpa passed away, and I went to live with my dad shortly after. 

So I’ve lived with three different people and I have no doubt about this when I say the best were spent with grandma. I didn’t have a lot of toys or pretty dresses because she and grandpa couldn’t afford it. But it was never an issue for me cos they gave me so much attention otherwise. I suppose it’s because their two children were grown up and I was the baby of the house again. She loved me unconditionally.

Throughout the years I lived with my grandparents, I remember that no matter how less I had of the material stuff, I never longed for anything. I felt fulfilled. Happy. Of course I missed my mother, but other than that, it was nothing less than perfect.

Because I was the only child in the house, I didn’t have anyone to play with. So grandma would play along with me while she did the chores around the house. She cooked for me, did my laundry by hand, and without fail taught me all the things a growing girl needs to know. She is my grandma, but she was more of a mother to me than anyone ever was.

And today, as I sit here writing this, it is dawning on me that I am not treating her the way she deserves. Not even close. She sacrificed so many years of her life for me; years she could have spent doing anything she wanted. She must have given up so much for me and I never thanked her for that. Now that she is older, she is losing some of the patience she used to have I remember getting upset over it a few times. How could I?  How could I have dared? I must have upset her so many times over the years yet she never once complained.

I should call her more often. I know she misses me. I should apologize to her for the times I was not patient with her. And I should thank her for everything she did for me. Everything she gave up for me. If there is any good in me, I owe it all to her and there is nothing in this world I could repay her with. After all, love is always the most precious gift.

 Maybe I still have time. Even though I cannot equal what she did for me, perhaps I can still do something; make her feel the way I felt when she took care of me, if I try really hard. And I will.


  1. Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while... but our hearts forever. Keep loving her, always

  2. SITS "requires" only 1 comment on a SITStah's blog post... But this post of yours really hit close to home and I realized how guilty I am of the same shorcomings, particularly, not calling my Grandma as often as possible... I really should start this habit ASAP before it becomes too late and I live with regrets for the rest of my life...

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder...