Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Was Good, It Was Bad

My dad came to visit today. He re-routed his flight over to Philippines for work, just to come and see me. It's been nearly a year since I last saw him and it was a joyous moment when I saw him walking towards me at the airport.

The day got better when he bought me these boots! :D I'm in love with them!

But then the day got ruined when we were returning home. We were in the train home when this guy next to Nafew suddenly leaped off his seat, and told the guy in front of him to be silent. He didn't stop there. He then proceeded to approach the guy, hold him by the throat and basically told him to shut the fck up. All because he was black. He called him all the inappropriate names under the stars and told him to eff off because he was black and this guy being tough is a local. And then he told him that he could kill him if he wanted to. Really? I mean, really?

I was fuming. How much more racist could anyone be? I wanted to say so many things to this dude but then, I am also a foreigner. Also, I'm very small. It got to me so bad that even when I came back home, the scene kept re-running in my head. Dad told me it was happening to him too. It's sad how ignorant some people are :'(

I'd like to do something about this. Maybe someday, I can.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow up to Ratzilla

Disclaimer: Contains graphic image, not for the faint of heart. Continue at your own risk!

So I got rid of the rat, right?


Three days after the blog entry, my husband, who from here on will be referred to by his name (Nafew), and I decided to clean up the house and the 'balcony', because we got rid of the rat you know. Nafew was in charge of the balcony. When I was fetching the broom to sweep the floor, I heard him yelp and I knew the inevitable had happened. 

Sure enough, I look and he's nearly falling off the railing, trying to get away from the Ratzilla. It ran into the house, again! But my hero of a husband came in after it and actually killed it! It took him a while, but still, he did it!

This is for real and I have proof. Although I do have to say it's the grossest thing I have seen and I think I have nightmares about it. 

Afterwards, I proceeded to bleach everything we own and disinfect the whole apartment. So on the bright side, there is no more rat and my place is really clean. On the other side...Eww, Gross!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So I went to the Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur today

It was raining, but so what? Still beautiful.
Here I am talking to some turtles in the lake :) 

...and a little more with my love.

My favorite photo of the day ♥♥♥

Excuse the blurry photo...we had a crap camera :(

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We have a rat problem. Well, we had one...or so I am hoping. Thing is, for some unknown reason, the sliding glass door to our balcony broke. Nobody knows how or when it happened, but one morning we wake up and there is like a two inch gap between the frame and the glass. Unfortunate for us, this also happened to be the time when an abnormally large rat discovered our apartment. Oh yes, I said rat.

I was at college one day and my husband calls me up and said he found this rat when he came home so he was throwing away all the food that was on the kitchen counter. Heheh, what he actually told me was that there was a strange creature in the apartment; apparently it was too big to be a rat but didn't look like a cat. He saw it scurry out. I figured it was a squirrel.

It wasn’t. A couple of days later I was proved wrong when I saw it on the balcony. Initially I was blamed because,

‘Hey! You left the rug on the railing which made it easier for the rat to climb up.’

Whatever, I just wanted to leave it out in the sun for a bit. How was I supposed to know something was waiting for just that?

In any case, this uninvited guest of ours began visiting us regularly but now it just ran around on the balcony and left because we sort of patched up the gap using scrap pieces of wood and paper. By the way, it could be a mouse, but since I don’t know the difference between a mouse and a rat, I’m gonna go with rat because it’s huge and I hate it.

This went on for a little over two weeks because apparently everybody had better things to do than try and fix the stupid door. Until two nights ago. The freak of nature figured it can climb up the frame and come inside through the tiniest gap between the wall and the paper we stuck there; and it did. By this time however, having failed to find any rat poison, we had bought a mouse trap thingy – basically a piece of cardboard with a chunk of glue on it – and put it outside too. Turns out it was nothing for this monstrosity because the rat just ran over it like eff-yeah.

I heard a commotion in the living room around five thirty in the morning and poked my head out of the bedroom to find my husband standing on the couch telling his nephew that ‘The rat is in!’ So much for masculinity.

Dude grabs a chair, holds it in front of him like a makeshift shield and makes his way to the shoe stand under which the rat was hiding. The plan was to open the front door and shoo it outside.  But the sound of the chair rattled it, and it came dashing out. Meanwhile, I was on the couch with my husband and screaming. Every time I screamed, it paused looked around and started running again. In a few seconds, it was out and over the balcony. We went to sleep thinking it wouldn’t come back.

Fast forward to around four in the afternoon the same day, we heard a noise in the living room again and my husband checked and confirmed it was the rat again. Well, of course, why not? I had already called a guy to fix the door but he was coming after five. So I assume my position standing on the couch, screaming, but this time my husband succeeded in chasing it out the front door. In fact, he even ran out after it in his boxer shorts.

So the door guy came and it is fixed now. Phew! He spent all of fifteen minutes with only a screwdriver and voila! All done! And he charged us RM40. 

I can’t complain. The door closes fine and I am hoping I have seen the last of the rat when I saw it racing out this afternoon. I so wish I got a picture of it though, because you wouldn't believe how big it was. It’s scary big. Like the Godzilla of rats.  

Pic from here

So for now, we are rat free and we have a properly functioning door. Yay! 

Update: But then this happened!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: My Review

Okay, so let's talk about the new blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. I saw it last night on IMAX® and it was quite an experience. But I have to say, the movie left me a little confused. I went in with real high expectations, mostly owing to people raving about it non-stop and the ratings, and despite some set backs, the movie did not let me down.

So let's review. Before I start let me tell you, I don't know all the correct technical terms, so bear with me.

  • The soundtrack- Oh My God! The music was mind blowing, it gave me goosebumps. 
  • The special effects - Took my breath away.
  • The Bat Pod - It never fails to impress me, every time I see it :D 
  • The cast - All actors were really really good. Namely Christian Bale (The perfect Batman), Michael Caine (I love Alfred!), and Tom Hardy. Oh, and Morgan Freeman.
  • The villain - Tom hardy was exceptional. I loved the way he talked; gave him more character. I don't know why people are saying his speech was hard to follow. Heath Ledger as the joker can never be upstaged for me, but Bane's character did just fine.
  • The cinematography - Simply put, it was spectacular.

  • The villain's motives - Bane wants to destroy Gotham City because it was the dream of Miranda/Talia's father Ra's Al Ghul (cos Bane's her protector). But why? And their plan was to detonate a massive nuclear bomb, which if they did, wouldn't they all die? Including Miranda, Bane, and all the mercenaries? So what's the point?
  • Batman - Batman had minimum screen time; it was mostly Wayne. Since this is a Batman movie, I think everyone would want to see more of Batman.
  • Teleporting? - The prison was clearly not in Gotham. The only way to enter or exit Gotham was a single bridge which was heavily guarded under Bane's instructions. So, after Wayne escapes prison, how did he get into the city?
  • The police - What kind of leader orders every single policeman in the city to go into a single mission? What if something else happens, elsewhere?
Regardless of the few holes in the plot this is one of the most epic movies I have seen in terms of grandeur. The movie was a 164 minutes (one hour too long) but the pure awesomeness of the movie cancels that out. Throughout the movie, I was never bored and my attention did not waver.

The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely captivating and is guaranteed to leave you completely amazed. I for one, was stupefied.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The sound caused by lightening

So thunder, right? Let me tell you what I think about it. 

For starters, more often than not, it scares the life out of me. I don't know why, I don't even know how it started. Because I do remember when I was very little, I wasn't much bothered by it. But then somewhere along the way, something happened. And now, whenever I see the lightening flash, I find myself bracing for what will most definitely follow. To quote Loki from the Avengers movie,

Steve Rogers: What's the matter, scared of a little lightening?
Loki: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Oh don't get me wrong. If Thor (in the form of Chris Hemsworth) appeared every time lightening strikes, I couldn't get enough of it! :)

But hey, this is real life, and what follows lightening in real life is thunder. I hate it. And if hate is too strong a word, well then - I strongly dislike it. because every time I hear loud thunder, I wanna crawl under a table or my sheets and never come out. I also instinctively cover my ears, although my grandma has told me repeatedly not to do it. Oh and you gotta know, where I live, there is a lot of thunder. Loud thunder. There are times it comes so unexpected and so loud that I have to fight really hard not to burst into tears in public in front of complete strangers. At home, my husband helps me cope with it ;) No really, he puts his arms around me and I feel all safe and protected. 

I recently googled if there was such a phobia as being afraid of thunder. There is. Apparently what I am experiencing is Brontophobia. This computer, by the way, is showing the word as a spelling error. Meh! Well, it's real and here's proof. 

I'm not entirely stupid. I know that thunder itself is not gonna cause much harm (Except scare the pants off me) but every time  I hear it, my heart starts racing and I feel like I cannot breathe. Most probably because the image in my mind is usually of the sky cracking and falling on me or something to the likes.  I hope I get over it someday because when my friends see me with my panties in a bunch whenever thunder strikes, they look at me a bit weird. I can see their thought bubbles, 'How can a grown up be afraid of a little thunder?' Too bad they don't understand. 

Do you have a phobia?

Picture from here.