Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow up to Ratzilla

Disclaimer: Contains graphic image, not for the faint of heart. Continue at your own risk!

So I got rid of the rat, right?


Three days after the blog entry, my husband, who from here on will be referred to by his name (Nafew), and I decided to clean up the house and the 'balcony', because we got rid of the rat you know. Nafew was in charge of the balcony. When I was fetching the broom to sweep the floor, I heard him yelp and I knew the inevitable had happened. 

Sure enough, I look and he's nearly falling off the railing, trying to get away from the Ratzilla. It ran into the house, again! But my hero of a husband came in after it and actually killed it! It took him a while, but still, he did it!

This is for real and I have proof. Although I do have to say it's the grossest thing I have seen and I think I have nightmares about it. 

Afterwards, I proceeded to bleach everything we own and disinfect the whole apartment. So on the bright side, there is no more rat and my place is really clean. On the other side...Eww, Gross!!