Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Was Good, It Was Bad

My dad came to visit today. He re-routed his flight over to Philippines for work, just to come and see me. It's been nearly a year since I last saw him and it was a joyous moment when I saw him walking towards me at the airport.

The day got better when he bought me these boots! :D I'm in love with them!

But then the day got ruined when we were returning home. We were in the train home when this guy next to Nafew suddenly leaped off his seat, and told the guy in front of him to be silent. He didn't stop there. He then proceeded to approach the guy, hold him by the throat and basically told him to shut the fck up. All because he was black. He called him all the inappropriate names under the stars and told him to eff off because he was black and this guy being tough is a local. And then he told him that he could kill him if he wanted to. Really? I mean, really?

I was fuming. How much more racist could anyone be? I wanted to say so many things to this dude but then, I am also a foreigner. Also, I'm very small. It got to me so bad that even when I came back home, the scene kept re-running in my head. Dad told me it was happening to him too. It's sad how ignorant some people are :'(

I'd like to do something about this. Maybe someday, I can.