Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We have a rat problem. Well, we had one...or so I am hoping. Thing is, for some unknown reason, the sliding glass door to our balcony broke. Nobody knows how or when it happened, but one morning we wake up and there is like a two inch gap between the frame and the glass. Unfortunate for us, this also happened to be the time when an abnormally large rat discovered our apartment. Oh yes, I said rat.

I was at college one day and my husband calls me up and said he found this rat when he came home so he was throwing away all the food that was on the kitchen counter. Heheh, what he actually told me was that there was a strange creature in the apartment; apparently it was too big to be a rat but didn't look like a cat. He saw it scurry out. I figured it was a squirrel.

It wasn’t. A couple of days later I was proved wrong when I saw it on the balcony. Initially I was blamed because,

‘Hey! You left the rug on the railing which made it easier for the rat to climb up.’

Whatever, I just wanted to leave it out in the sun for a bit. How was I supposed to know something was waiting for just that?

In any case, this uninvited guest of ours began visiting us regularly but now it just ran around on the balcony and left because we sort of patched up the gap using scrap pieces of wood and paper. By the way, it could be a mouse, but since I don’t know the difference between a mouse and a rat, I’m gonna go with rat because it’s huge and I hate it.

This went on for a little over two weeks because apparently everybody had better things to do than try and fix the stupid door. Until two nights ago. The freak of nature figured it can climb up the frame and come inside through the tiniest gap between the wall and the paper we stuck there; and it did. By this time however, having failed to find any rat poison, we had bought a mouse trap thingy – basically a piece of cardboard with a chunk of glue on it – and put it outside too. Turns out it was nothing for this monstrosity because the rat just ran over it like eff-yeah.

I heard a commotion in the living room around five thirty in the morning and poked my head out of the bedroom to find my husband standing on the couch telling his nephew that ‘The rat is in!’ So much for masculinity.

Dude grabs a chair, holds it in front of him like a makeshift shield and makes his way to the shoe stand under which the rat was hiding. The plan was to open the front door and shoo it outside.  But the sound of the chair rattled it, and it came dashing out. Meanwhile, I was on the couch with my husband and screaming. Every time I screamed, it paused looked around and started running again. In a few seconds, it was out and over the balcony. We went to sleep thinking it wouldn’t come back.

Fast forward to around four in the afternoon the same day, we heard a noise in the living room again and my husband checked and confirmed it was the rat again. Well, of course, why not? I had already called a guy to fix the door but he was coming after five. So I assume my position standing on the couch, screaming, but this time my husband succeeded in chasing it out the front door. In fact, he even ran out after it in his boxer shorts.

So the door guy came and it is fixed now. Phew! He spent all of fifteen minutes with only a screwdriver and voila! All done! And he charged us RM40. 

I can’t complain. The door closes fine and I am hoping I have seen the last of the rat when I saw it racing out this afternoon. I so wish I got a picture of it though, because you wouldn't believe how big it was. It’s scary big. Like the Godzilla of rats.  

Pic from here

So for now, we are rat free and we have a properly functioning door. Yay! 

Update: But then this happened!


  1. HOLY SHIZZ, I would have moved.

    1. Heheh...I so wish I could. But even thinking about it is making our budget laugh it's ass off :(

  2. I would have been screaming too! We had a mouse problem, so we got cats...they pretty much took care of it, but sometimes they'd just play with the poor things which would result in me panicking! Finally my youngest son figured out he could catch them with a plastic container and relocate them outside. Thank goodness for him! Thankfully this winter it hasn't been a problem, but last winter was another story. You'd think that these mice would think to themselves, "huh, there's 4 cats in that house now, maybe not such a safe place for me to be anymore?" but I guess it doesn't work like that! Or maybe it does, because they aren't back this year!

  3. Oh yikes! I've had mice before, which I can deal with cause they're tiny and cute, but a rat? **Shiver**

  4. Rats are horrible but squirrels in your house are just as bad. We had a squirrel problem and I'm so glad that they're gone. I used to think squirrels were cute. Not so much anymore. I laughed a lot at you on the couch screaming. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love the sweet rats at the pet store, but wild rats give me the heebies!

  6. Rats are gross. So are mice. Glad you got your door fixed!

  7. I love this post (not because of the rat but the humorous way you tell the story)! I'm glad your door is fixed and hopefully that ugly thing won't come back!!