Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: My Review

Okay, so let's talk about the new blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. I saw it last night on IMAX® and it was quite an experience. But I have to say, the movie left me a little confused. I went in with real high expectations, mostly owing to people raving about it non-stop and the ratings, and despite some set backs, the movie did not let me down.

So let's review. Before I start let me tell you, I don't know all the correct technical terms, so bear with me.

  • The soundtrack- Oh My God! The music was mind blowing, it gave me goosebumps. 
  • The special effects - Took my breath away.
  • The Bat Pod - It never fails to impress me, every time I see it :D 
  • The cast - All actors were really really good. Namely Christian Bale (The perfect Batman), Michael Caine (I love Alfred!), and Tom Hardy. Oh, and Morgan Freeman.
  • The villain - Tom hardy was exceptional. I loved the way he talked; gave him more character. I don't know why people are saying his speech was hard to follow. Heath Ledger as the joker can never be upstaged for me, but Bane's character did just fine.
  • The cinematography - Simply put, it was spectacular.

  • The villain's motives - Bane wants to destroy Gotham City because it was the dream of Miranda/Talia's father Ra's Al Ghul (cos Bane's her protector). But why? And their plan was to detonate a massive nuclear bomb, which if they did, wouldn't they all die? Including Miranda, Bane, and all the mercenaries? So what's the point?
  • Batman - Batman had minimum screen time; it was mostly Wayne. Since this is a Batman movie, I think everyone would want to see more of Batman.
  • Teleporting? - The prison was clearly not in Gotham. The only way to enter or exit Gotham was a single bridge which was heavily guarded under Bane's instructions. So, after Wayne escapes prison, how did he get into the city?
  • The police - What kind of leader orders every single policeman in the city to go into a single mission? What if something else happens, elsewhere?
Regardless of the few holes in the plot this is one of the most epic movies I have seen in terms of grandeur. The movie was a 164 minutes (one hour too long) but the pure awesomeness of the movie cancels that out. Throughout the movie, I was never bored and my attention did not waver.

The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely captivating and is guaranteed to leave you completely amazed. I for one, was stupefied.