Thursday, September 27, 2012

Studying For Exams...

...and painting my nails this gorgeous shade of blue. The only shade of blue I like ♥

BL602 from The Face Shop

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In My life

Could it be that I am the only one with GREAT step parents? Because all my life I have heard stories about them being mean. It's in the movies, the story books, and the cartoons. Even in real life stories.  It's a rare occasion when you hear about them being good. 

I don't remember a time in my life that I have not had a step parent. Up until I was 16, I only had a stepmother, and after that, I have had a step mother and a step father. So if the stories are right, and step parents really are usually mean, I gotta say, my parents are awesome. Because they chose the best people ever to remarry. I love my step parents.

My step mother is warm, kind-hearted and she always goes out of her way to make everyone around her happy and comfortable. She is a friend when I need her to be and a parent other times. 

My step dad is the best. He is so loving and kind, I really couldn't ask for anyone better. He doesn't have children of his own so I am the closest thing and he loves me to bits. 

I mean, they are not perfect human beings, because nobody is...but as far as parenting goes, they really are perfect. I am so thankful for their presence in my life, because without them, I am sure my life would be much more different. Not in a good way.

My stepmom Aroosha, and me :)

My stepdad Abdul Rasheed, and Nafew :)

So yeah, my step parents are awesome. I have never had the pleasure of living with both my parents at the same time. So it's these two people that fill the huge void whenever I am with either of my parents...and I have no complaints. Just a whole lot of gratitude. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To all the Blogging Supermoms

Since I have started blogging, I have also started reading and following a few blogs. I think this is becoming a thing now. Wake up, get coffee, and get updated with everyone's blogs. Funny thing is, once you start reading these blogs, you kinda feel like you know them, although they don't even know I exist. 

Isn't that sorta like stalking. It feels a bit 'stalkish'. But I don't care because these women write so well and the way they write could make even the most disastrous situation sound so fun. I just love reading their blogs :D

Oh, and this gets better. Almost all the blogs I read, and most definitely the ones I enjoy most, are written by moms. Yep. You read that right. The are all moms, so what exactly am I doing reading those you ask? I don' know. 

I have tried reading a few blogs of those who are not moms, but it wasn't just as cool. 

These moms have their hands so full. There are times they are up to to their eyeballs in puke, yet they find the humor in everything and that's what they write about. It kinda makes me look  forward to being a parent myself. Because through these blogs I am learning that despite the constant mess, occasional sickness, and the noise and everything else that comes with them, kids are beautiful and make your life so much better. You wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. 

Okay, this post is getting weird. This is not me. I don't think like this. At least I never have before.

Hmm, maybe this is the start of something new. 

Anyway, this post is actually a salute to all the brave mothers out there. These super heroes of humans, through their blogs, are actually making me see the bright side of being a parent. Allow me to name a few. 

I read Raising ColoradoThe Dose of Reality, Bubblewrapp'd (the blog), and Subtracting Additives. And I am super impressed by their writing skills and their awesome parenting skills. 

Keep on going and I may join you in a few years... :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

Not Cool

I spend a few minutes every day browsing through 9GAG because they have a lot of funny shit in there and I enjoy sitting alone and laughing. Seriously, I do. But today I saw this and I am not amused. I'm sure whoever uploaded this meant for it to be, but all it did was leave me incredibly sad and depressed. 

The picture came with the caption, 'You don't need money to have fun'. Well, to me, they don't look like they're having fun. 

Here, you be the judge and tell me what you think. Do you find this amusing?

If I had enough money, I swear I'll get them a real one 

The pic is from here. Duh.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I had an English exam at two in the afternoon yesterday. I also had to go for the pre-registration and return  a library book, so I had to wake up at ten. This is super early for me because for the last two weeks I have been waking up around one thirty or two at the earliest. 

The paper was three hours long. I figured I needed two but after reading the second passage I was like holy crap I need more time! I think I read it like twelve times before I could answer all the questions. 

I only had a small piece of cake and  a cup of coffee before I left home so when I got home at five thirty, I was starving. But then, just as I was unlocking my front door, Nafew's friend came and asked for him. Apparently they were going to see a movie and they wanted Nafew to go with them. Nafew was waiting till I got home so I could go along too. Awwn, how sweet. 

He was like you could wait if you want to, you know, because you'e tired and hungry. But I was like, no way! I'm not missing this movie. So we went to The Mines shopping mall in Serdang to see the movie. 

We went into McDonald's to get something to eat before the movie and the moment I walked into the cinema, I wanted to turn around and walk right out. It was crazy cold in there! But I didn't. I just pulled down the sleeves of my sweater over my fingers and stuck them into Nafew's backpack.

The movie wasn't so bad, considering I had never watched the four parts that came out before this one. It was Resident Evil: Retribution. It was not much of a movie, but more like well-choreographed action scenes brought together by a few lines here and there for it to make a little sense. 

On the way back, I was thinking I'm going straight to bed when I get home. It was nearly five in the morning when I finally slept.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Queen of Procrastination

In five days, semester finals will officially start and I haven't touched a book yet. Everyone in the house has started studying, and I feel incredibly guilty. So I, of course, told them to stop studying and making me feel bad. 

This is the revision week, it's Wednesday already, and here's how it's going so far.

I wake up in the afternoon, have something to eat and sit with my laptop. Doing absolutely nothing of importance. Every once in a while I remind myself that exams are near and I gotta hit the books. Aaaaand then I tell myself that it could wait. This goes on in my head for a while until I see something awesome on the internet, which means I forget about it completely. Then BAM! It's after midnight, so we eat and go to bed soon after.

Wake up next day, repeat.

I could be the queen of procrastination. In fact, I think I'm already there. 

Cut to two days till  the exam and I promise you, you'll find me up to my eyebrows in books, notes, and coffee trying to cram everything into my very small brain, all in one go. It usually works but I'm afraid that one day it won't and I'm gonna be royally screwed because I can't afford to fail - all thanks to us being broke. Obviously.

Well, isn't that enough to motivate me? Apparently not. 

*Pic from here.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Today Was Not Boring

  1. The taxi ride to the KTM station: took an extra ten minutes because our taxi driver couldn't drive and he didn't know the way. My husband said something about the car being manual and gears and other stuff that just sounded like noise to me. The driver took two wrong turns, went into a dead end, and had the worst time turning the fahking car around. So I don't care what the reason is because, this guy can't drive and he should stay off the roads.

  1. We were seeing: The Expendables 2!!

  1. I went to get the tickets: and the lady at the desk gave me a stern motherly look and informed me that, 'you need to be 18 and above to see this movie.' So not cool - I didn't choose to be this short. But she judged right because, see 5.

  1. A very cool movie: with the best cast and such cool action scenes. I didn't even know I liked action movies until tonight.

  1. Violence: Ten minutes into the movie, I figured I'm not ready for this much violence. I mean when they shoot people you can see flying flesh, exploding heads, and oh so much blood :O I felt about 13 when watching those scenes. Some, I didn't even see cos I covered my eyes (only for a second though). 

  1. Then movie got much better: because Oh My God, Liam Hemsworth is in it! But then he died and I was all heart broken and devastated.

  1. Which lasted half a minute: because right then, Nafew got off his seat and rammed his face into the seat in front. Apparently he was trying to get up and sit back more comfortably. I am so sorry, but I laughed until I cried. Poor thing hurt his nose but he's okay :D

Btw, this is my favorite line,
Barney, after shooting a guys multiple times, ''Rest in pieces.'

Here's the trailer. ENJOY :D

Monday, September 3, 2012

Look! It's new!

It's been only a few months since I started blogging and when I did, I knew nothing about designs and headers and so on. Well I still don't, really...but with the help of a lot of tutorials, video and otherwise, I have managed to update the look of my blog page :D I didn't do much, but it sure looks like i did.

During my search, I found this wonderful blog by annie and it was godsend for me. She should rename her page 'Blogging for Dummies'...or not. Anyway, she mentioned a freeware called GIMP. So I downloaded it, of course, and went on to design myself a header. It looked quite easy, but not for me. Thing is, these IT stuff and I don't get along that well. To put it bluntly, I sucked at it. 

Nevertheless, many hours later, here I am with a brand new header I created with the help of an image I found here. Also I tweaked the colors and the layout a little bit and ended up with what you see right here. Needless to say, I am wildly proud of myself for this accomplishment, small as it may be. 

I'm hoping to further customize my blog later on...hopefully with the help of a professional. For now, this will do just fine.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fifty Shades of Red

I have been reading as a hobby ever since I can remember and although English is not my native tongue, I always preferred English literature. But you should know, I do not read anything other than fiction. I never read the news paper mostly because it's extremely depressing and boring. Incredibly ignorant of me, I know, but I just can't stand it. I'd rather read a book where it starts with once upon a time and ends with  happily ever after any day. Also, of all the books I own, except for only a few, all are romantic comedies. I love those novels. Two of my most favorite authors of this genre are Jill Mansell and Sophie Kinsella

Oh, wait! I do like other genres. Sidney Sheldon's novels are by far, the best I have ever read. I have read all eighteen of his novels and his autobiography. His novels range from adventure romance to thrillers and crime. I loved all of them and own like nine. Also, I have read a few novels by Dan BrownRobin Cook, and Danielle Steel.

Enough about my hobby. What I really wanted to write about is the latest series of novels I read...the Fifty Shades series by E L James :D For a while, I just read about the books in the gossip columns, but I never knew what it was about. Apparently they were a big deal and everybody had a copy and it was a must read and stuff. So yeah, obviously I got a bit curious. But later I started seeing the series being referred to as mommy porn, which is when I decided to completely stay away from them. Because, mommy porn? Ugh! Right?

But then my best friend showed up in mid August and started raving about it. She told me that they were so good and that I just had to read it. By this time, I also read that the series was going to be turned into movies and that they were considering people like Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder and Chris Hemsworth as Christian Grey. So I had to read it! Naturally.

So my best friend sent me the ebooks. I was going to wait until semester break to read them but one night I decided to take a peek just to see what all the fuss is about, you know. And then I read the whole book in one night! Within the week that followed, I finished all three. I gotta tell you...whoever is saying they are bad is wrong. It's not just mommy porn. I think it's for everyone...of legal age.

Is it Erotic? Yes. A bit of Soft Porn? Yes. But it's really really good. I love the way it was written...and Christian Grey...SWOON! (blush). I mean really. You might not meet a guy that hot in real life. He's so gorgeous and naughty that it'll make you turn fifty shades of red when you're reading it ;) 

If anyone is interested, I have the ebooks and I'll gladly send it to you girls :) It'll make any woman go weak in the knees. E L James did a good job and I cannot wait for the movies.