Monday, September 3, 2012

Look! It's new!

It's been only a few months since I started blogging and when I did, I knew nothing about designs and headers and so on. Well I still don't, really...but with the help of a lot of tutorials, video and otherwise, I have managed to update the look of my blog page :D I didn't do much, but it sure looks like i did.

During my search, I found this wonderful blog by annie and it was godsend for me. She should rename her page 'Blogging for Dummies'...or not. Anyway, she mentioned a freeware called GIMP. So I downloaded it, of course, and went on to design myself a header. It looked quite easy, but not for me. Thing is, these IT stuff and I don't get along that well. To put it bluntly, I sucked at it. 

Nevertheless, many hours later, here I am with a brand new header I created with the help of an image I found here. Also I tweaked the colors and the layout a little bit and ended up with what you see right here. Needless to say, I am wildly proud of myself for this accomplishment, small as it may be. 

I'm hoping to further customize my blog later on...hopefully with the help of a professional. For now, this will do just fine.