Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Queen of Procrastination

In five days, semester finals will officially start and I haven't touched a book yet. Everyone in the house has started studying, and I feel incredibly guilty. So I, of course, told them to stop studying and making me feel bad. 

This is the revision week, it's Wednesday already, and here's how it's going so far.

I wake up in the afternoon, have something to eat and sit with my laptop. Doing absolutely nothing of importance. Every once in a while I remind myself that exams are near and I gotta hit the books. Aaaaand then I tell myself that it could wait. This goes on in my head for a while until I see something awesome on the internet, which means I forget about it completely. Then BAM! It's after midnight, so we eat and go to bed soon after.

Wake up next day, repeat.

I could be the queen of procrastination. In fact, I think I'm already there. 

Cut to two days till  the exam and I promise you, you'll find me up to my eyebrows in books, notes, and coffee trying to cram everything into my very small brain, all in one go. It usually works but I'm afraid that one day it won't and I'm gonna be royally screwed because I can't afford to fail - all thanks to us being broke. Obviously.

Well, isn't that enough to motivate me? Apparently not. 

*Pic from here.