Saturday, September 8, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Today Was Not Boring

  1. The taxi ride to the KTM station: took an extra ten minutes because our taxi driver couldn't drive and he didn't know the way. My husband said something about the car being manual and gears and other stuff that just sounded like noise to me. The driver took two wrong turns, went into a dead end, and had the worst time turning the fahking car around. So I don't care what the reason is because, this guy can't drive and he should stay off the roads.

  1. We were seeing: The Expendables 2!!

  1. I went to get the tickets: and the lady at the desk gave me a stern motherly look and informed me that, 'you need to be 18 and above to see this movie.' So not cool - I didn't choose to be this short. But she judged right because, see 5.

  1. A very cool movie: with the best cast and such cool action scenes. I didn't even know I liked action movies until tonight.

  1. Violence: Ten minutes into the movie, I figured I'm not ready for this much violence. I mean when they shoot people you can see flying flesh, exploding heads, and oh so much blood :O I felt about 13 when watching those scenes. Some, I didn't even see cos I covered my eyes (only for a second though). 

  1. Then movie got much better: because Oh My God, Liam Hemsworth is in it! But then he died and I was all heart broken and devastated.

  1. Which lasted half a minute: because right then, Nafew got off his seat and rammed his face into the seat in front. Apparently he was trying to get up and sit back more comfortably. I am so sorry, but I laughed until I cried. Poor thing hurt his nose but he's okay :D

Btw, this is my favorite line,
Barney, after shooting a guys multiple times, ''Rest in pieces.'

Here's the trailer. ENJOY :D