Saturday, September 15, 2012


I had an English exam at two in the afternoon yesterday. I also had to go for the pre-registration and return  a library book, so I had to wake up at ten. This is super early for me because for the last two weeks I have been waking up around one thirty or two at the earliest. 

The paper was three hours long. I figured I needed two but after reading the second passage I was like holy crap I need more time! I think I read it like twelve times before I could answer all the questions. 

I only had a small piece of cake and  a cup of coffee before I left home so when I got home at five thirty, I was starving. But then, just as I was unlocking my front door, Nafew's friend came and asked for him. Apparently they were going to see a movie and they wanted Nafew to go with them. Nafew was waiting till I got home so I could go along too. Awwn, how sweet. 

He was like you could wait if you want to, you know, because you'e tired and hungry. But I was like, no way! I'm not missing this movie. So we went to The Mines shopping mall in Serdang to see the movie. 

We went into McDonald's to get something to eat before the movie and the moment I walked into the cinema, I wanted to turn around and walk right out. It was crazy cold in there! But I didn't. I just pulled down the sleeves of my sweater over my fingers and stuck them into Nafew's backpack.

The movie wasn't so bad, considering I had never watched the four parts that came out before this one. It was Resident Evil: Retribution. It was not much of a movie, but more like well-choreographed action scenes brought together by a few lines here and there for it to make a little sense. 

On the way back, I was thinking I'm going straight to bed when I get home. It was nearly five in the morning when I finally slept.