Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Proud Wife, I am

I have a confession to make. I have been with Nafew for four years and I have never seen him play until today. He's been playing football (not American) his whole life. It's his thing. He can't live without it. Two years ago, he was at practice to play for a first division team when he broke his leg. He lost the chance of a lifetime, and his all time dream career. He still plays for fun with his friends regularly. 

I know it's a shame that I have never seen him play. It's not like I never wanted to. It's just for some reason, I didn't, before today.

Today he played a one-day futsal cup to celebrate Eid and I went to watch. I loved it! I regret not going before because it's such a treat to watch! He's fast, light on his feet, and he's really really good. His team played three matches, they lost in the semi-finals, but he scored SIX goals. You should have seen me on the grass, grinning like an idiot. I was like a delighted child who just scored some candy :D

But excitement aside, it was also really nerve wrecking. Every time someone got too close to him or tackled him, my heart skipped a beat. I was so scared. I was also worried whenever the opposing team tried to score.

Of course, he won the top scorer trophy. And today, I'm a very proud wife.


  1. I bet he was so proud to Win that trophy with you on the sidelines.

  2. Yay!! How great! (and he sounds like a star!!) I hope you get the chance to be a proud wife watching him many, many more times!!