Monday, October 22, 2012

FLC 2012

Good news everyone :) 

I am officially a student facilitator for Future Leaders Camp (FLC) 2012. Earlier this year I was a student facilitator for Youth Empowerment Symposium (YES) 2012. It is a great honor to be handpicked from over four hundred students to be in a team of 10, to lead the participants throughout the whole event.  

The event is over a weekend plus the following Monday (November 3rd to 5th). We are staying at Nilai Springs Resort & Hotel. Very exciting, although I'm not quite sure how I'm going to cope with not being with my husband for two whole nights. I know most girls would jump at a chance like this but I'm not very good at sleeping alone (blush).

Next weekend I'm going shopping for my first suit! We're supposed to dress sharp, we have a grooming and etiquette sessions which I thing is going to be my favorite. The program is designed to prepare us for being leaders in the future. 

You can read more about the event here. Wish me luck.


  1. heyya. classmate from forever ago. heh
    OFcourse I remember!

    Since its just not possible to pack forever into a comment, uhh, goodluck with the camp thing. sounds like a huge deal. :) also. I get the whole not very good at sleeping alone bit. I've had to get used to it since hassaan finished his degree though. bleh.

    I think I shot down a request from you on something. don't remember what, but i didnt recognise the user name with nafew, as opposed to rameez. *sheepish* Add me back up, wherever it was?

    one last thing. I didnt stop. heh.

    1. Hey, thank you so much for reading my blog! Glad to know you did not stop yours :) I'm gonna be visiting.

      Yea, sleeping would be the most difficult thing...heheh. That was twitter I added you on. Not many people recognize me with the name but I like using my husband's name :)

  2. What an honor! Congratulations! I hope you have a fantastic time! You'll be great! --Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It really is an honor, and I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. That place looks really amazing! I hope between all the sessions and training you get some time to relax by that pool!

  4. If I do get the time, I'll share pics with you Robin :)