Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A family friend passed away today. Long before I was born, his dad and my grandpa were friends and later he and my mom were close friends. I was very small but I remember he used to come to our house often. Then he went abroad to study and it was many many years later when he came back, so I didn't really get to know him much. 

I do remember when he used to sit me in his lap, and this one time he took me out for a ride on his motorcycle. The last time I saw him was over a year back and mom says it's been a few weeks since she spoke to him over the phone. 

I found out about his passing on twitter earlier today. He was a well known political figure back home so everyone was tweeting about it. The tweets I saw were very disturbing and I didn't really know whether they were rumors or the truth so I checked the news. It was true. 

He was stabbed and beaten to death at the bottom of the stairs in his apartment building, and his wife found him. The police had confirmed it. I hear about people being murdered and I always feel very sorry, even sad, for the victims and their families. But when it is a person you actually know, the feeling is even more unsettling. A strange fear has set in my heart and I can't shake it off. 

Although it was just three in the morning at home, I immediately texted my mother and she called me a few minutes later. She had heard too. We talked for a while. It's a risk to be involved in politics these days. May god bless him and may his family, the wife and three kids, find the strength to cope with this loss.

Rest In Peace, Dr. Afrasheem Ali.


  1. Oh, Xae! I'm so very sorry. This is just the most shocking and unfathomable thing. I will be praying you all find peace as you face this devastating loss. --Lisa