Saturday, October 20, 2012

This One's A Rant

On Tuesday morning, we woke up really early, after only four hours of sleep, because we wanted to go to a hospital in Seremban. I had been having a pain in my lower right back and wanted to see a doctor. Thing is, I have a bit of a history with the nerves on my right side of which I'm not going to spare you the details, but long story short, we thought this might be related to it. 

We got to the hospital at around eleven thirty in the morning and were in the doctor's office by twelve noon. She wanted to get a few tests done and they are super expensive. My student insurance only covers inpatient procedures so she advised it would be best if I got admitted. We decided it would be okay, because in our minds, we were gonna get the tests done and go home in the evening. We had some time to kill until my insurance approval came through and I went and saw an Ob/Gyn, where I had a pap smear for the first time in my life. Oh, the horror! 

So I got admitted and we waited for the doctor to come. Meanwhile, since I was admitted in a hospital, I kept feeling like I should be really sick, but I wasn't. Around five thirty in the afternoon, the doctor came in and gave me the details of the tests that I'll be going through and we waited. Three hours later a nurse came in with some medication and I asked when I'll be going for the tests. And she said it would probably be in the morning because it'll be more costly when it's not office hours so we were staying overnight. What? 

So there I was in a bed in this hospital I had never been to before with nothing except our wallets and keys. I left a dish in the sink, the garbage needs to be taken out and more importantly, I didn't have a change of underwear! 

Nine forty five, we decided it'd be best if we got some sleep since we didn't get much the night before. Nafew got comfortable in his chair with his feet on the bed under the blanket, and me in the bed, but then another nurse came in and informed Nafew that he cannot stay inside because it was a female only ward. Where would he go? We  were a few hours away from home! She told him he could sleep on a couch in the lounge. Seriously!  

We then decided he should take the train home to get some sleep and come back with some stuff on the first train back in the morning, so he left. And came back twenty minutes later, because he was FOUR minutes too late to catch the last train out.

Nafew spent a sleepless night outside while I slept a fitful three hours inside. All procedures started right after breakfast. I got some electrotherapy and had an EEG, which I think are just glorified words for minor electrocution, and an x-ray and an MRI. After all was complete, I went back to bed and waited for the results, and to be discharged. The doctor came in around three in the afternoon, showed me the results, yada yada yada, and told me I have another session of electrotherapy, and also an orthopedic surgeon was coming to see me in the morning. OMG we were staying another night!

So we got a private room, for which we had to pay a bunch of money, but we really needed it. We took showers and went to sleep, both of us, finally. 

Next morning when the doctor came in, I told her I wanted to come home that day. She didn't sound too happy, but agreed to discharge me after therapy. We came home on Thursday evening. Thank God.

Here are the main highlights of the stay. 

1. When I saw the Ob/Gyn, he asked 'How many children do you have?' Not do you have any but how many. He had just decided that I have kids. 

2. The private room had a lockable? cupboard in which we could store our stuff. The key to it said "Wardrope". 

3. It was so damn cold in the ward and the room I don't know how anybody slept there. I had two blankets and was still freezing. Apparently they cannot turn it down in any one area because it was centralized. 

4. The nurse that accompanied me to the therapy room took me in an elevator that had arrows going to it saying 'Clinical Waste'. Inside were bio-hazard signs that said 'Strictly for Clinical Waste', and 'Do Not Enter! Only Clinical Waste!' She was either new or did not care.

Pic from here

5. All food served were Malaysian. I couldn't eat it. Nafew brought in food from outside.

6. The medicine made me more sick than I actually was. Side effects.

7. After the EEG the doctor told me she would 'prick' me with a needle and it won't hurt. It was a fat needle. She pushed it into three different points on my leg and it hurt and bled a little.

8. At one point in bed I was so bored that I thought 'This is how I die. Of boredom.'

I realize I have done nothing but complain in this post but that's because it was that bad. Because I didn't belong there. I went to see the doctor and come home. I was not prepared. But the doctors and the nurses were very nice and I was treated well. The medicine and the therapy is helping. I feel much better now.


  1. Oh, what a nightmare!! I can't believe you went thinking you would have some tests and ended up staying two nights! GAH!! (but I'm glad the therapy is helping and you're doing better)

    1. It really was awful. I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

  2. Oh no! I hate staying over in the hospital. I hope you're feeling much better now. And I can't believe that medical waste part!

  3. I know, right! That was the weirdest elevator ride of my life. I kept looking at the signs wanting to escape.