Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Was My First Time So It's Okay

So, who has tried their hand at baking and failed? 


Oh well, just me then I guess. 

Because I tried it yesterday and it was a failure of epic proportions. Yesterday, I tried baking cookies for the first time and I would describe the experience as bittersweet. Or sweet-bitter? I don't know, but it started out really good and then things went horribly wrong.

I googled chocolate chip cookies and this one recipe came up that caught my eye. Probably because it said 'Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe'. I read a few reviews and it was all good. I also had all the off I went, armed with my camera, because I must blog this right?

I followed the recipe perfectly, and the batter came out beautifully. Then, when I was spooning the batter on to the tray, I ran out of space with just a few spoonfuls left. So I figured it'd be okay to push everything closer and fit those too (Note to self: It's not okay.)

The tray went into the oven for ten minutes and five minutes later I wanted to see how it looked so I checked. When I saw that all the scoops had spread out and there was one giant cookie baking in the oven, I only cried for thirty minutes. Nah, I didn't. 

When it cooled down, I cut it into squares and it was ugly...but delicious! More important, Nafew loved it! First time failed...but I'm hoping next time's better. If I can bake more than one cookie, I'll let you all know :)


  1. Ugly but delicious describes *many* of my baked goodies. Ugly and inedible describe all the rest!

    Giant Cookie for the win! --Lisa

  2. I don't consider anything delicious to be a failure! :) Some people make Cookie Bars on purpose, anyway, so I think you could just change the name and call them a success!

    1. idea ever Robin :) I will change the name and nobody has to know.