Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rainy Days Are The Best

Don't you just love rain? I do. That is when I am at home and have nowhere important to go. I absolutely loathe it when I have to go out, but that's not important. Point is, I love rain. I love listening to it (minus the thunder) and I love watching it. No matter how bad I'm feeling, the musical rhythm of rain drops is guaranteed to help me forget about it. Even if it's just for fleeting moment. And the smell of the grass right after...oh, my!

The other night, I was at home alone at around 3 am, it started raining heavily. So, I decided to get myself a nice cup of tea. And by cup I mean giant mug. While I sat in my room enjoying the tea and the sound of the rain, reading a novel, it occurred to me that this was pretty much a perfect night. The tea tasted divine and given the time of the night, all was quite except for the rain. My idea of bliss.

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I used to do this all the time when I was in high school. Not the average teenager thing, I know. Watching the rain fall, illuminated by the tall yellow street lamps, was my favorite thing then. Maybe even now. We had giant windows in the living room and I just sat there, usually with the lights out, watching the rain holding a steaming mug of tea. Ahh...memories :) Nothing more peaceful than that.

Wrapping my palms around the hot mug lets the heat run up my arms and into my body. That's such a nice feeling. Now, I'm not a tea fanatic and I do not know about the various types and flavors of tea. The only flavors I have tasted are lemon and strawberry. I loved them both. I always take my tea with sugar. A lot of it. Or honey...not so much of it. Or both. Did this post just turn into one about tea?

But on a cold day, when I am at home and I have nothing to do, there's nothing else I'd rather have. Unless it's when I just wake up - then I'd want coffee. Strong and black. Because I don't really function without it. I'm not very friendly before my morning coffee. Whoa! Going off topic again.

I should tell you, I'm a lazy person. Big surprise!? No? Okay, well, my favorite thing to do at home is lazing around. So, it gets better when it rains. It's just so calming. I mean, really - picture yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting at the window in a comfy chair, sipping the wonderful tea - not a single thing to worry about. You gotta admit - that sounds pretty good.

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My favorite place in my University is the library. Located on the fifth floor, the endless rows of windows gives the best view of the area. And when it rains, I never wanna leave. By the way, I'm in the library right now and it's raining while I am writing this post. How awesome is that?

So tell me, what do you do on rainy days?

Do you like tea? What flavor would you recommend?