Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We're Going On a Trip...Maybe

We may be taking a trip to Bangkok next week...and I am already so excited. I'm saying maybe because we're super broke - my uncle gave us the tickets  - and anything could happen in a week. We have already purchased the tickets and booked the hotel. We're going to get our Visas tomorrow but I am trying not to get my hopes up. Because every time  I get too excited, something goes wrong and it doesn't happen. Bad luck seem to stalk me.

If we do go, I may not be able to update my blog everyday, but I am planning to keep a journal - sort of a timeline - and record everything so that when I come back, I can put it all up here :) Whether you like it or not...ha!

I am very nervous to go on such a long trip. We are taking the train and the whole journey, including transit time is over twenty four hours...whaaat?. I have been silently panicking for the last few days because in my mind I can see all kinds of things going wrong. I don't think I am fit to travel because I am FTFO (freaking the fahk out!).

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On the bright side, we went out on Sunday. It's been a while.  We had lunch at Nando's, went to see friends, and played pool and poker. I guess we had a pretty good night because when we finally reached home it was six thirty in the morning. 

My new book, and lunch - A Portuguese salad with chicken and a  fizzy pomegranate drink.

With Nafew ♥

Ooh..oooh...and I bought a new story book!