Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bronchitis is a Bitch

It really is you guys. 

I have had it for a week and it seems to be getting progressively worse ever day. And I don't need tell you guys about how glamorous it is either right? I mean the coughing up phlegm and sounding like froggy from little rascals, you already know about that, huh?

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Ooh, and this gets better. Classes started on Tuesday and I haven't attended any. I mean I am not bed ridden or anything like that but I just don't want to be the receiving end of those glares you get when you are coughing up a storm during the lecture. 

Tonight, however, I have decided that I'm going to go to class tomorrow anyway. I am going to drink some ginger tea, swallow some cough medicine, and drag myself to class because otherwise I'm just handing them money for no reason. 

Meanwhile, do you know any home remedies for this? Because my abdomen hurts from the strain of coughing so much, I feel like there's a giant rock lodged in my chest, and at this point I kinda wanna scrape my throat clean with a wire brush. 

Hope the flu season is treating you and your family better.
Take care :)