Friday, February 22, 2013

Hours of Amusement = Pinterest

Today I'll share with you eleven of my favorite pins on Pinterest. I uploaded them or repinned them because I can relate to each one of them, on some level, or they had me laughing till I cried. 
Hope you like 'em too :D

After reading this I laughed a lot and it took me
a while to realize I was doing just this.

Seriously, I LOVE everybody!! I cannot be the only one.

I know I do.

This makes me look very unstable, doesn't it? But it's true :(

I pinned this for future reference - just in case I get arrested.

Don't we all!?

This killed me!

...I mean A LOT!


I really would.

Also applies to cockroaches and house geckos and all other creepy crawlies.

So, tell me...which one did you like or relate to most?
Happy Friday, everyone!
Take care :)