Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leftovers and Human Dustbins

Throwing away food is something my grandmother hates. I guess she was brought up that way, because she grew up during really hard times. As a kid, I used to leave half of what I put on my plate untouched and she would not throw it away. She would eat it.

Later I met the same kind of girl at work too. She eats what her kids left on their plates too. We used to tell her that she is a human dustbin. In the most loving way possible. 

So since I spent most of my childhood with my grandma, I guess it's kind of obvious I would have an issues with that too. I don't eat what's left over in a plate though. But if there was some rice or chicken or some salad left over, I put it in the fridge. Because I just feel so bad throwing away perfectly good - and sometimes delicious - food I just made an hour or so ago. 

So, I let it sit in there for two week and then, only then, I throw it away. 

Because next day I see it and think, 

"Nah, I'm not in the mood for that," or, "Maybe later," and then I forget about it completely. Until the next time I sort out the fridge.

Point is, nobody ever eats it - unless it's pasta - I love leftover pasta!!

Sometimes they sit in the fridge for longer than two weeks. Because people want to stuff more food in there and they keep shoving them way into the back and soon it disappears into freaking Narnia!

This is not my fridge but it's pretty much what mine looks like.

So I guess I didn't learn anything about not throwing away food from my grandma after all  All I learned was not to throw them away immediately.

What about you? Are you comfortable with it? Do you throw away a lot of food? Or are you a human dustbin?