Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One Where We Went to Bangkok Art and Culture Center

So, those of you who's been here before probably know I went to Bangkok in January! I was going to blog about the entire trip but then I figured no one really wants to know ALL about it so I just uploaded a few pictures and let it go. However, I forgot to share something important with you! I am so sorry about that. It  was really cool and it is one of the highlights of the trip because it's a first for me.

We visited the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and I got my portrait done!!


It doesn't look exactly like me but I love it anyway. I think the only feature the artist didn't get right is my lips. That made me wonder though...could it be because my lips look really weird? I mean he's a pretty good artist, but he couldn't get it. He worked on them (DRAWING!! Calm down!) for a while but we told him that it's okay, because it is. At least he made it pretty :)

Also, I'm very sorry the video quality is so bad but Blogger told me to compress it because apparently the original file size was too big...meh.

It took him 12 minutes! It would take me 12 years.
Or I might just give up halfway.

Anyhoo, look at some other cool stuff in the place!

I love this so much I had to put it in here again.
I mean come on! I'm leaning on a  giant boob!
No, seriously, it's a fantastic sculpture. 

Isn't this pretty? It was painted on the wall.

Helloooo? Can you hear me?

What are YOU looking at?

One of the many cool art pieces. It was huge.
When we get the whole thing, Nafew and I disappear.

Watching a movie (Read: Staring at a black wall)
in actual movie theater seats from ages ago.

There were so many more amazing pieces of art there. 

At one point there is a sensor thingy and if you stand in front of it for a while you'd go temporarily deaf from the sound of a single gunshot. Because if you've ever been in a museum, you'd know they're super quiet. And we weren't aware of the sensor. So I was just walking and then BOOM!! I nearly peed my pants. But I didn't. So then, four of us proceeded to stand in front of it and yelp and run around when we heard the shot, because it just happens to turn you into a five year old. Obviously.

Then there are these big-ass ears on the walls. You stick your ear in there and you can actually hear voices. Like people whispering and kids crying and stuff. For a moment I thought I became schizophrenic because I heard it and Nafew didn't - later he heard it too, THANK GOD!

You should totally visit if you're ever in Bangkok :)

PS: Happy Valentines Day!!