Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Giant Leap for Me...a 'Meh' for Everyone Else

Let me tell you about my phone. I used to have pretty sensible phone two years ago. It was not smart but it was okay for me. But then one day at work, I dropped it into a toilet. Yes. you read that right! I'm sure you don't want me to go into the details.

Anyway, that was around the same time we started planning to come here to study which meant I couldn't afford to buy a fancy new phone. So my mom, being the lovely and generous person she is, gave me an extra phone she kept for reasons I don't know. And I've had it...and hated it since. Sorry mom, it's not you, it's the phone.

Because look at it!! Ugh!

But then on Friday, I got THIS!!

 I've been swooning over this since it came out last year and now it's MINE! Sorry about all the yelly caps BUT I"M JUST SO EXCITED!!!

My darling husband got it for me as an early birthday present :)

You guys, looks like March finally decided turned around for me and end on an extremely high note!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well, This is Embarrassing!

Cheating on exams is something I really, really hate. I'll never understand why people do it. I mean maybe it does help you but then doesn't it leave you feeling incredibly guilty? I feel guilty knowing some of my friends cheat. I always ask them not to tell me even if they were cheating because if something happens, I would at least have deniability, right? Also, I never help them cheat. I never tell them the answers. When the topic comes up in class, I always tell them I've never cheated on an exam and I feel proud to say that.

But today, my beautiful kingdom of never cheating on exams, where I am the reigning queen in the diamond castle by the way, came crashing down. How so? I remembered.

Like not knowing, sometimes not remembering is pretty cool too. But I did remember. And I can't deny the truth that came with it. See, the thing is, I did cheat on a test once! *GASP!!* I know!

So what's the story you ask?

Okay, once upon a time, I was in eighth grade (I think), and we had this exam one day. Not a big one. Not really an exam either. It was more of a small class test. The subject was Islamic studies and our teacher was a fossil. So on this particular day, he comes into class, distributes the papers, tells us to start writing and takes a seat at his desk.

And then he fell asleep.

We stared at each other for a while, and then we stared at him for a few more minutes. Dude was snoring! So we took out our text books, real quiet, placed it on our desks carefully and just wrote. The teacher woke up shortly after we were done and collected the papers. He never asked a question. He didn't even look suspicious. Honestly, I don't think he even knew he took the nap. Or maybe he does and didn't care. Either way, I remembered this today - for reasons I don't know - and now I'm telling you.

Image source
Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, I'm sorry. I promise you that was the one and only time. I stand firm in my belief that cheating is wrong and I don't do it. And I still get the highest marks most of the time :)

But that doesn't mean it's not embarrassing. Because it totally is!! I can't tell my friends that I've never cheated in an exam anymore!! My kingdom is gone forever and I am so ashamed.

How about you all? Ever cheated at school?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Looking Forward to...

Despicable me 2!! I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend everybody :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Ways My Husband is Awesome

Last week, I saw what this week's Monday Listicle is going to be and I knew I had to do it! But Monday also happened to be my SITS day, and I had to postpone it. So here I am today, so excited to tell you all, 10 reasons why my partner is awesome!

Let me just start by telling you, there are a lot more than ten ways my husband is awesome and these are just a few.

1. Funny.
From the moment we met several years ago till now, he makes me laugh every single day. He can put a funny spin on any kind of situation and have people laughing. And he does. 

2. Charming and friendly
I have never seen anyone making friends easier than Nafew. We have quite a lot of Maldivian guys here and they just cannot hang out without him. People are always calling him and inviting him over because it's just not the same if he's not there.

3. So damn hott!!
Sometimes I wonder why he's with me. And then I tell myself, "Who cares? Just be glad he is." And I am. He's the only person that I know is both skinny and gorgeous! I think it's because of the next reason.

4. Athletic.
This guy can RUN.SO.FAST. I've seen him play football and it's amazing. He never seems to get tired. I guess it's because he loves it so much. But then, a few weeks ago, he went to play badminton with some people, for the first time ever, and won! He's what you would call sporty I guess. He's up for any kind and he's always good at it.

5. Smart!
He's the top student in his class. He's great at chess. He's always reading or watching something informative - which I personally hate doing because what's the fun in that! - and he know about so much stuff. He's always throwing random facts at me when I say stupid things, which is a lot, and I hate it. But I'm also secretly very proud to be with a person who's so much fun and smart at the same time!

6. Patient.
I'm not the easiest girl to live with but thankfully, Nafew is a patient man. Our beginning was incredibly rocky and if it wasn't for this priceless quality of his, we may not even be here today. 

7. Honest.
Let me tell you, this is one guy that can make up the most ridiculous stories and have you believing them for sure. But when it really matters, he's the most honest person. Throughout our relationship, I have never ever doubted him, because he has never given me reason to. I trust him more than I trust myself.

8. Thoughtful.
Marking his ground and establishing he's the man is important to him. But it's not a problem for me because he's also very considerate. He always puts me first and thinks about me first. He makes sure I'm okay and that I'm happy before he does anything for himself. And he does the sweetest things for me when I least expect it. While I do love this, I also wish he'd do more for himself sometimes. 

9. Grown up.
If you've been here before, you'd know that I'm not so grown up myself. But Nafew is. He wouldn't go ahead and just do something before weighing the options or consequences. I am so thankful for this because he has saved me from doing the craziest stuff. He always thinks ahead, way ahead, before making any decision and I love that he does it because we'd be in so much trouble otherwise.

10. He fixed me...
I saved the most important for last. I don't really want to go into the details but I'm asking you to believe me when I tell you, he really did fix me. I was broken, almost beyond repair. But with astounding patience and hard work, he did put me back together. And it makes me love him so much more.

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's My SITS Day and I'll Cry if I Want To, Cry if I Want to...of Happiness Of Course!

Oh, hi there!

Let me move that pile of unfolded laundry from the couch to over there. Have a seat!

Welcome SITStahs! So glad you could make it. I don’t have any baked goods but have some coffee, there's plenty. Now sit back, ignore the mess, and make yourself at home. There you go!

For those of you who don’t know about SITS day, today is my day to be featured on this awesome SITSterhood website, where over 40,000  bloggers come together to find their tribe and grow their audience. Once I read this, I was sold! I've got to tell you though, when I signed up, I didn't think I’d be featured any time soon and even if I was, I didn't think it would be this EXCITING!!

But when I got the email saying I was going to be featured, I was over the moon! I mean, HOLY SHIZZ!! This is such an honor! It’s like my birthday, a three-day weekend, and semester break, all rolled into one!

For those of you who are here for the first time, I am Xae (read: za-i), born and raised in the Maldives, but now studying in Malaysia with my darling husband. Yes, I am a wife. I am also a student. But mostly, I’m a child at heart. I love watching cartoons, doodling silly stuff, and I am terrified at the thought of having and raising little people – for now.  I am trying to ease myself into the idea though. So if you have any advice, send ‘em this way! I could use a lot.

I also enjoy good books, coffee, rainy days, and all sorts of TV dramas and movies.

Unfortunately I’m not on Facebook but you can find me on Twitter and Pinterest.

These are some of my favorite posts.
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Thank you for visiting!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Get a Whiff of These!

As you may or may not have noticed, my brain has been on overdrive for a few weeks now. And all I've been doing here, recently, is complain. I know! Everybody hates whiners. But when I sat down crawled into bed with my computer and tried to think of something good to blog about, I kept drawing blanks. So, what do you do when you run out of ideas? Steal other people's of course!

A week ago, my bloggy friend Robin posted this listicle about some of her favorite smells that she associates with memories and I thought it was such a cool idea. But then before I could do anything about it, My other bloggy friend, Tara, stole the idea herself. So I wondered if I should still do it. Guess what I decided? That's right. I'm going to go ahead and steal it anyway!

Here's the thing. I am very sensitive to smells. Especially bad smells. I know I'm extra sensitive because by the time the people around me smells something, I am dying. But since I am not complaining today, I'm going to make a short list of the smells that I absolutely love!

1. Lemons!! 

I love everything lemon. I love that it's yellow. I love the taste and I love, love, love the smell! And it's closely followed by;

2. Lavender

90% of the cleaning products I own are lavender scented. So is my shower gel. I have tiny lavender scented pouches buried in my clothes in my dresser and I also have lavender scented air-freshener. But here's the kicker. I have never ever seen or smelled real lavender! We don't have it back home and we don't have it here. Imagine me stumbling upon some for real! 

3. Coffee

I wake up everyday, regardless of what time it is, and turn on my coffee maker - my precious! - before I get into the shower. Because I love the smell wafting through the house when I get out and also I need it to actually wake up and stay up.

4. Old books 

Walking into a used books store or opening the huge drawer full of books I have accumulated over the years is the best. It's a mysteriously magnetic smell that I feel drawn to somehow.

5. Freshly cut grass

This is a recent discovery for me because back home, we don't have a lot of grass. But when I moved here, they're everywhere and I so love the smell when they are freshly cut.

Tell me your favorite smell and why!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Don't Know What to Call This

Dear March,

You are officially my new enemy and I thought you should know that. You've been trying to screw me up from day one, but enough is enough, March. I am still buried up to my eyebrows in school work and I have two mid-term exams in the following two weeks. I have accepted those. I have also replaced the contacts.

But then you had to go ahead and pull another one on us, didn't you? Why, March, why?

You see, Monday morning, I went home to find that our water has been cut off. I just figured there was some problem with the system. Also the reserve tanks had enough for about a day so I thought we'd be okay. Tuesday came and went and we still had no water. And then we started to panic. If we used up whatever water was left, we'd end up with no running water. I know there are people in the world with less than that but I have never been one of them! How would I cope, March?

Classes ran till after five on Tuesday so we couldn't go to the management office. In case it might be an issue with the maintenance bills the apartment owner had to pay, we hunted him down that night. Turns out he had settled those bills over a week ago. We had to wait till Wednesday morning to know more. In the meantime, we ran out of water. All of it!

By seven thirty last night, we (read: the guys) were lugging in buckets of water from the water dispenser thingy in the building, which we had to pay more for, because we had to wash dishes, use the bathroom, take showers, and cook of course.

At ten this morning my  housemate ran over to the office - which is when they open for business -  to see what was going on. As soon as he mentions it, the person in there goes, 'Must be unpaid maintenance bills.' Seriously? Just take a minute and listen. But when told that bill was already paid, they tried to put it on us, saying we hadn't paid the monthly bill. NEWS FLASH!! We've paid the bills!

So a couple of minutes spent shuffling some paperwork and a few clicks on the keyboard, the management person tells my friend, 'It's a mistake. We cut off your water by mistake.' And that it cannot be reconnected for at least five hours!!

This person was basically saying that we've been living without running water for technically three days, because THEY MADE A MISTAKE!!? You have got to be kidding me!

Image source

So, March. I'm sorry to be dumping all this on you, but I'm sure you know where I'm coming from. You've still got 17 days in store for us. I would appreciate it if you didn't spring anymore surprise fahk-ups on us because I can't handle anymore. Thank you.

Seriously stressed and pissed,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This is an Apology...or an Excuse, Your Choice

Remember my last post?


It's okay. That's because it's been ages since.


Because of the eleventy seven assignments I told you about earlier. I believe all my lecturers had a secret meeting where they decided they are going to give out all the assignments at once and set the due dates all in the same week. Okay, I may have exaggerated there a bit, but seriously that's how I see it in my head and then this happens;

Everyday I wake up so stressed about all the work I have to do that I decide I will just do it tomorrow, as in;

also known as

 The worst thing is that all the assignments are group assignments. Every single one of them.
Because here's what the rest of the group thinks;

Which is always me because I have this weird obsession with maintaining a certain CGPA.
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend though. 
Did I ruin it for you?
I'm sorry.
Take care :D

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Just Life Playing With Me

Lately I've been noticing this thing where how broke you are is directly proportionate to how many things you own are broken as well. You know what I mean? No? Allow me to explain. 

When I had a job and was earning more than I could spend - having no responsibilities whatsoever - everything I owned worked perfectly fine. They were all intact. The phone I had was not smart but it was pretty cool and it refused to break even when I wanted it to because I wanted to buy a new one so bad! I did not accidentally put my iPod in the washing machine with the sheets. I did not drop highlighters on my crotch and ruin my favorite pair of jeans. And I certainly did not tear one of my contacts in half. No.

But then, now that I'm broke for real, life has unleashed all the evil plans it's been hiding on me. All during the past one year or so. I'm sure it's probably laughing at me while at it.

All those that DID NOT happen before, are all happening now.  Okay, so I might not NEED a new phone but the one I have now is a cheap and ugly piece of crap and I hate it! 

But my iPod really did drown in the washer. My very favorite pair of jeans do have a few hard-to-miss purple highlighter dots, on a spot I do not need highlighting of any kind because I do not want people looking that way! 

And to top it all off,  last Wednesday, I really did tear my contacts. How? I have no clue! I just wore them and my right eye felt like this.

Image source
So I took them out and saw it was torn halfway. Just like that.

Right now, I can't afford to replace any of them. So I'm walking around in campus with a shit phone in the pocket of not-my-favorite-jeans, wearing my gloriously geeky glasses, and minus my iPod. I really hope life stops playing this joke on me and sends some love this way. IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!  

I'm sorry about all the complaining. It's a combination of PMS and a crapload of stress thanks to nine assignments I have to write and submit this month. 

Speaking of, the day before yesterday I was freaking the fahk out because I was two days late! Turns out February has only 28 days so first March was technically two days early. Phew!