Friday, March 15, 2013

Get a Whiff of These!

As you may or may not have noticed, my brain has been on overdrive for a few weeks now. And all I've been doing here, recently, is complain. I know! Everybody hates whiners. But when I sat down crawled into bed with my computer and tried to think of something good to blog about, I kept drawing blanks. So, what do you do when you run out of ideas? Steal other people's of course!

A week ago, my bloggy friend Robin posted this listicle about some of her favorite smells that she associates with memories and I thought it was such a cool idea. But then before I could do anything about it, My other bloggy friend, Tara, stole the idea herself. So I wondered if I should still do it. Guess what I decided? That's right. I'm going to go ahead and steal it anyway!

Here's the thing. I am very sensitive to smells. Especially bad smells. I know I'm extra sensitive because by the time the people around me smells something, I am dying. But since I am not complaining today, I'm going to make a short list of the smells that I absolutely love!

1. Lemons!! 

I love everything lemon. I love that it's yellow. I love the taste and I love, love, love the smell! And it's closely followed by;

2. Lavender

90% of the cleaning products I own are lavender scented. So is my shower gel. I have tiny lavender scented pouches buried in my clothes in my dresser and I also have lavender scented air-freshener. But here's the kicker. I have never ever seen or smelled real lavender! We don't have it back home and we don't have it here. Imagine me stumbling upon some for real! 

3. Coffee

I wake up everyday, regardless of what time it is, and turn on my coffee maker - my precious! - before I get into the shower. Because I love the smell wafting through the house when I get out and also I need it to actually wake up and stay up.

4. Old books 

Walking into a used books store or opening the huge drawer full of books I have accumulated over the years is the best. It's a mysteriously magnetic smell that I feel drawn to somehow.

5. Freshly cut grass

This is a recent discovery for me because back home, we don't have a lot of grass. But when I moved here, they're everywhere and I so love the smell when they are freshly cut.

Tell me your favorite smell and why!