Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Just Life Playing With Me

Lately I've been noticing this thing where how broke you are is directly proportionate to how many things you own are broken as well. You know what I mean? No? Allow me to explain. 

When I had a job and was earning more than I could spend - having no responsibilities whatsoever - everything I owned worked perfectly fine. They were all intact. The phone I had was not smart but it was pretty cool and it refused to break even when I wanted it to because I wanted to buy a new one so bad! I did not accidentally put my iPod in the washing machine with the sheets. I did not drop highlighters on my crotch and ruin my favorite pair of jeans. And I certainly did not tear one of my contacts in half. No.

But then, now that I'm broke for real, life has unleashed all the evil plans it's been hiding on me. All during the past one year or so. I'm sure it's probably laughing at me while at it.

All those that DID NOT happen before, are all happening now.  Okay, so I might not NEED a new phone but the one I have now is a cheap and ugly piece of crap and I hate it! 

But my iPod really did drown in the washer. My very favorite pair of jeans do have a few hard-to-miss purple highlighter dots, on a spot I do not need highlighting of any kind because I do not want people looking that way! 

And to top it all off,  last Wednesday, I really did tear my contacts. How? I have no clue! I just wore them and my right eye felt like this.

Image source
So I took them out and saw it was torn halfway. Just like that.

Right now, I can't afford to replace any of them. So I'm walking around in campus with a shit phone in the pocket of not-my-favorite-jeans, wearing my gloriously geeky glasses, and minus my iPod. I really hope life stops playing this joke on me and sends some love this way. IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!  

I'm sorry about all the complaining. It's a combination of PMS and a crapload of stress thanks to nine assignments I have to write and submit this month. 

Speaking of, the day before yesterday I was freaking the fahk out because I was two days late! Turns out February has only 28 days so first March was technically two days early. Phew!