Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Apology

I don't know if anyone noticed I've been gone for like ever, but if you did...I am so sorry. I just did not have the time. I have been too busy earlier this week and the week before. 

Let me tell you what has been going on.

First of all, last week Monday, I was in the kitchen when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and there was a stranger. He smiled at me and told me he was sent by the agent of this apartment to tell us that the owner wants this place back by the end of this month so do we need him to help us find a new place. IN ONE SENTENCE. 

So a day after, we started apartment hunting and so much crap happened that we found a place and lost it along with RM500, all in one night. It was complicated. It still makes me too upset to to even think about it so I'm not going to go into the details. We have found a place but it's just one room and and quite pricey but it'll have to do because if we don't take it we'll end up homeless. I guess it's okay because I only have one more semester to go. I can do it. Please tell me I can do it?

Then there is school. As usual it has all been about presentations, assignments and tests. I've had problems with group much so that for the first time ever, I became so mad that I actually told someone that they were pissing me off...and I didn't even feel bad about it. Because there I was, putting all my time, effort, and energy into it and they were just being selfish. 

Good news is, it's all over now. We have worked through our differences and everything is done. I have one more presentation on Friday morning but all preparations are done with, and this morning I woke up and I could actually breathe.

After the presentation with our lecturer Mr. Bernard.

In other news, there's a baby in this house! A sister of one guy staying here is visiting and she has the cutest ten month old. He has one word in his vocabulary which is, 'Eh,' and loosely translated in our language it means, 'What?' So no mater what you say to him he's going to respond with, 'What?' and we'll repeat whatever we said. And it goes on forever. But then he gives you the best smile ever and you will forget you were almost irritated for having to repeat something over and over.

Hopefully after Friday, everything will return to normal and I'd be going to school, coming back, watching random stuff on the internet and going to sleep. I will also be catching up on reading blogs because I have missed so many!

The only fun I had in three weeks

I have missed writing here and I have missed reading all my favorite blogs. It's good to be back :D