Monday, April 15, 2013

Because No More School Work...For Now

Hey you guys! How are you?

So the other day I was looking at more random stuff on the internet (read: browsing 9gag) when I came across the most relatable? (Is that a real word?) quote I have read to date. I am dead serious you guys! I don't think there is a single soul in this world that will disagree with me on this.

So I thought I would write a post on it. And then I thought that would be incredibly short. So I added one of the weirdest, the most accurate, and the most useful as well. All from 9gag. You should visit guys. It will be an education on a level you didn't know existed.

Let's start with the most accurate, shall we.

And then the most useful.

The weirdest...and by weirdest I mean OMFG+WTH!!

And finally, the most relatable (It's a legit word; I Googled it)

Tell me what you think about these :D

Also, if you want to check more stuff I find funny or weird, you can find me on Pinterest because I always pin them :)