Thursday, April 18, 2013

Somebody Tell Me What is Going On!!

I might be developing Alzheimer's. Is that how it works? I know it's genetic but that's all I know about it. Maybe I don't have it. Maybe I'm going senile really early...or I'm just extremely careless but not on purpose. My husband says it's the latter but what does he know? He's not in my head - because if he were, he'd know I hate it. Oh, how I HATE it!

Wondering what this rant is about? 

Because I'm always forgetting stuff in places. Little things, big things, things that go in between - EVERYTHING!

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Ooh, but when it comes to memorizing stuff for exams or just studying, I'm good. I don't have a problem with it. I don't forget people's names or places either. And when it comes to remembering numbers, especially phone numbers, I'm awesome at it! 

My forgetting issue is very specific. I forget shit in places. Like I might leave a book somewhere and not remember it till hours later. But usually these things don't really mater. It doesn't cause much of a loss or any sort of damage. But then, other times, they really, really do. I'm going to tell you a bout a few of those times. 

One time, I left my wallet in the library. I was studying there. I had my laptop, and books and other stuff too, and when I got up and left, I did not realize I had left it. It had money, my credit card, and my National ID card in it! It was only after I came home I realized I did not have it - and then I launched into full on panic mode. I told Nafew, and he was super pissed at me for being so careless. Which made it worse because I was panicking already. 

Next day, I went to school and ran to the library. Soon as the librarian saw me, her eyes grew in recognition. You know, like, 'Aha! The moron who left a walled full of money and shit!' She had obviously looked inside to see who it belonged to and saw my picture in there. To make things worse, she turned out to be a bit of a troll because when I approached her and asked about the wallet and she went, 'Hmm...what color?' She was either mocking me or, being cautious, or maybe I was not the only one who left a wallet there and she thought I might take the one with more money in it!

Another time, I was working in the common room, doing an assignment with friends. Again, I had my laptop and books and stuff. But I did NOT have my wallet because I had stopped bringing it with me. By then, I just take some cash - only enough for the day - and stick it in my pocket. Anyway, assignment done, I went home. Next day, I woke up, got my coffee and sat with my laptop...

...and realized I didn't have my laptop charger. I had left it hanging in a wall socket. In the common room. At school. So back in panic mode, I called my friend who stays on campus and asked him to check if by some miracle if it was still there. 

It was. And did I tell you this was over the weekend? Yep! So I had to wait till Monday to get it back. 

And then when I was in Bangkok in January, I left my bag in a big ass department store! It had four passports in it! Who forgets a handbag anyway? ME! That's who. When my husband's nephew found it a few minutes later some guy had already taken it and was ready to look through it. ALMOST!

Nafew and I have had countless and extremely long conversations about this issue by now - because he wants to help me of course. One thing he told me was that before he gets up and leaves, from anywhere, he always checks his pockets and everything else to make sure he's not forgetting anything. That sounded pretty smart to me, because obviously it hadn't occurred to me before. Also, it sounded like something I could do. You know, a habit I can grasp.

Apparently not.

Because on Tuesday, I did it again. After spending an hour or so in the computer lab, I went to the washroom before I went to class. I wanted to fix my head scarf, so I removed my sunglasses (that I borrowed from Nafew) that I was wearing on my head at the time, and placed it near the mirror...and left it there. 

Later that night, I remembered, of course, and told Nafew and he wasn't even pissed. It's like hes prepared for me to screw up by now. How depressing is that?

EXTREMELY. Because who wants to lose these?

Needless to say, as soon I got to school yesterday, I rushed to the lost and found - they didn't have it. Then I went to find the cleaning ladies that are always near the washroom I used on Tuesday. I asked them and THEY HAD IT!! They kept it for me!

Until now, I am fortunate enough to find everything I have forgotten and left in all sorts of places. But I am so scared that there will be a day I forget something incredibly valuable and not get it back! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I really, really need to know!

Do you think it might be a medical condition...or is Nafew right?