Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bunch of Random Stuff Because 100

Hey you guys!

I swear I didn't forget you. I was just busy for a while. I was studying for my finals, but now I'm back!

While studying, I stumbled over an internet meme that I absolutely loved. But now that I want to share it with you guys I can't, for the life of me, find it anywhere, so I just made my own to share the wisdom I learned.

Now if you don't mind, allow me to blow your minds with the craziness of the internet.

Before I do though, I just want to say, this is literally the weirdest and the most wrong thing I have found in my entire life. I am not kidding. I don't think anything can top this on my WTF list (Oh yeah, I have a list!). I did find out later that this was all a hoax but that doesn't make it any less weird because, for a rumor to start, somebody has to come up with an idea, and the person who came up with this one has a disturbingly sick sense of humor. 

Come on, Internet! I think this is too much. I'm sure some sort of line must have been crossed right here.

So, right about now, I bet you're thinking you've had enough internet for the day...

But wait!

I have some news...good and bad. The good news is that finals are over and semester break officially started today!! The bad news is that I have nothing to do and nowhere to go :(

To mark the beginning of the holidays, I watched the movie Anastasia at three in the morning. I loved it!

Also, this is my 100th post. I actually thought about doing something great for this post but all ideas I came up with on my own sucked and everything I found on the internet wanted me to list out a 100 things. 

Let me tell you something. I tried reading some of those 100th blogposts in hopes of being inspired but it didn't help. Because I couldn't finish reading them. They were all too long. Also, some bloggers had to split the post in to two that spanned over a few days...apparently writing these posts were not that easy either. 

So I figured I'd just write an everyday sort of post and get it over with. 

Sorry if this is a sucky post. I'll try to make up for this soon. I promise. 

Have a good day :)