Sunday, May 5, 2013

She is Tall Too

Kids do the cutest things don't they? 

I always read about the most adorable things kids say and do on the blogs I read regularly. Just the other day, I read this post on Raising Colorado, and it had me smiling like forever. Also, Lisa from The Dose of Reality has an amazing post about her son, who might hate me for calling him cute now that he's a teen and all but anyway, they write about these amazing things he and the other three girls do over there. And then there is Robin from Subtracting Additives, who writes about two precious little boys, that I feel are my little nephews because I read about them all the time.

I don't have a kid yet. But I do have two little siblings and they are the world to me. They both adore me. My little brother, being a boy and sixteen, is not so much into showing that anymore, although he still does I guess, in his own special way.

My little sister, on the other hand, who if we were in another age and time is young enough to be my kid, is all about showing how much she loves me. She's seven now.  Before I moved, she used to watch me get ready for work and try to mimic me putting on make-up. I used to buy her cute little stuff I see when I go shopping and she would not let go of them. I can't afford to buy her things like that anymore, but I recently sent her a cute little woven box I found in Bangkok and Dad says she treasures it. 

Dad has visited me twice since I came here, and both times she sent me cute paintings and cards she made herself. One time when my uncle came, she gave some for him to bring over too. I keep them right where I keep my worldly documents because they mean no less to me. 

Last week, just as I was leaving for my exam, all stressed and muddle-brained from having not slept for over twenty four hours, I received this from my brother. 

'Dhontha' is what she calls me

It's her school work! She's in first grade and wrote about me for her school work, and it made my day! I went to sit for my exam, all smiles and no worries. 

Look at that! She thinks I'm tall!

And isn't it adorable that she thinks I'm tall? It's probably because she's still pint sized herself. Wait until she grows up and realizes, 'I can't believe I thought she was tall,' or she might grow up and not remember thinking that at all. Well then, I have this to show her!

I love being an older sister and being loved so much. I just hope they know I love them so much too.