Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The One Where We Went to See a Movie

Guess which movie I saw the other day and still don't think Robert Downey Jr is God's gift to humans? 

That's right. I went to see Iron Man 3. In 3D! 

I have also seen Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, and The Avengers. And liked all four movies. I guess I just failed to see what is so great about the guy. Or maybe, just maybe I'm normal - as opposed the clearly delusional fanbase he has. 

Wait! You don't know?! Oh my God, you have got to look it up. He has this fanbase who thinks even the ground he walks on is sacred and shit. I am serious! They seem to think Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man for real. They also think being obnoxious, rude, and all attention needy, somehow translates to 'cool'. I hate it. I mean I love the movies and all, but I really hate his personality sometimes. 

Sometimes it is funny, but other times it's just annoying. I have seen countless threads, memes and blogs about how awesome he is. And it bugs me so much although I know that everybody has a right to their opinion and I am totally not being a Ross Geller and I don't think I'm always right, except I am, this time!

Anyway, moving onto other stuff, we went to see the movie on Sunday to a big ass mall and there were people with babies, and toddlers, and people with babies on the way EVERYWHERE! And being the dumb moron I am, I could not figure out why! Until we were almost leaving. 

Because it was Mothers Day! And there was a mommy convention or something of that sorts going on and I think I walked by that place about three times, I just didn't know how to add two and two. 

Also, I made a really big mistake that day. You see, we all know movie theaters are COLD. I remembered that before we left home. So I brought myself a warm cardigan and a jacket for Nafew. But I forgot socks!! One step into the theater and I was like, Gahd! I forgot socks. Ashley said we always need socks! And she was right. It was so freaking cold, I had trouble concentrating. No joke. But then a lightbulb went off somewhere in the dusty corners of my brain! I had just bought two shirts - don't know where this is going? 

We stuck our feet into the shirts and kept them tucked under our butts. Take a minute to picture that one. That's right. We were literally curled into balls on the seats. And we were still cold.

I took this picture because...Paul Walker!

Did I mention we saw the movie in 3D? Yeah. So before we went in, I told Nafew about that time we went to see Tron with my stepdad. It was hilarious! He wears glasses cos he's shortsighted, like me. So in the theater, he was wearing the 3D glasses over his regular glasses and we laughed about that forever. And then he went in and fell asleep. Wearing two pairs of glasses! You needed to be there to see what was so funny. Tron was not his kinda movie, I guess that's why he fell asleep.

Nafew laughed with me when I told the story, so you can see the irony because yes! He went in, wore the 3D glasses over his regular glasses and nodded off! Because like always, it's semester break and we sleep at the wrong time and wake up and all kinds of strange hours. But the movie was great and we had a lot of fun anyway.

That was our Sunday. How was your weekend?
Oh! And also, Happy Mothers day (a little late) to all of you mothers out there! You guys rock!