Saturday, June 29, 2013

Drawing Blanks

I'm stuck in a funk of sorts. I want to write so much, but I can't. I have posts already written but it doesn't feel like this is the right time to hit publish on those.

So here I am, writing this post on my phone hoping I can start writing soon.

In the mean time, here's my friend's shirt. I kinda want to steal it a little bit.

I mean, how cute is that!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Footloose 1984 vs Footloose 2011 - Inspired by The Dose Girls

A few days ago I read this post over at The Dose of Reality about the original and remake of the movie Footloose. I couldn't leave a good comment on which I'd choose because I have not seen either. So I did what anybody with nothing else to do would. I got both movies and watched it one after the other. And here's my verdict. 

First of all, I don't know why they made a remake. I cannot come up with a good reason, or any reason at all. Because it's the same freaking movie! With the identical scenes - including the opening credits sequence and the final dance - and the same lines. Ariel's prom dress was also nearly identical. Seriously! That's just a lot of money, time, and energy wasted. They did add a few minor details to make the story come together better but it didn't matter because the acting was not that good.

A good thing about this remake, the only good thing I suppose, is the dancing. It was good and I enjoyed watching the dance scenes. 

I saw  Footloose 1984 first and twelve minutes in, we see the first dancing scene. The one in the parking lot. To be completely honest, I found it extremely bizarre. All through the scene I was like, WTF am I watching? That's not dancing! I saw Dirty Dancing, which came out only a few years later, so I know that wasn't the only style back then. The guy dancing near the car seemed to be either having a seizure or getting electrocuted. No one else seemed to be doing any better.

In the scene when Kevin Bacon is pissed and is dancing it off, there was a lot of jumping and other gymnastics moves (probably because it's his thing in the movie, but still...) and zero dance moves I could identify.

Then there is Ariel. I guess they wanted to portray her as rebellious and adventurous. But to me, she came off as suicidal and bat shit crazy. I mean standing on two moving cars! Or on the train tracks! It was a little toned down in Footloose 2011 but that didn't help much.

Finally, the townspeople. I get it that they were all traumatized by the accident that killed the kids and I get that they are religious. That's okay for me. But it was too over the top. It's all they talk about. On the streets, at the dinner table, and wherever else two or more people meet, they talk about that. It didn't seem realistic to me. Again, this was toned down in the remake, but they still failed to make it more interesting. And um....they burned the library books? Are you kidding me?

So yeah, I don't like the movie. Either one - because it's the same movie with different people. I'm sorry if anybody is offended by this but that was not my intention. This is just my very honest opinion. Like I said, I watched Dirty Dancing (1987) and I loved it, so I don't have a problem with when it came out. 

This  just wasn't a good movie for me. Sorry.

Friday, June 14, 2013

They Said. He Said.

So funny thing happened during the vacation for us. We went to a hair care place. 

It’s funny because a bunch of weeks ago when we were visiting friends in another city, and we were in this mall, some guy called Nafew over and asked if he needed help with his hair. Funny part is how this guy knew it’s the one thing Nafew is extremely sensitive about - losing his hair. Which seems to be happening really fast, but we can’t really do much because it’s sort of genetic. Anyway, he called us over and swore he could help and gave us a price we couldn't refuse for a treatment that is sure to make it better.

It was a good place. They started with asking about his health, daily habits like smoking, diet, sleeping patterns and so on. And then they took pictures of Nafew’s scalp and magnified it a thousand times. For real. And it was scary. There’s a lot we don’t see. Because it’s not there. Hair, I mean…lol. Sorry babe.

Anyway, they gave him a few treatments and asked to come back every week and told us to buy this ridiculously expensive shampoo and hair tonic – which stinks to the high heavens by the way, because they are all made of herbs and they don’t add artificial fragrances to it. We may be possibly going back in a month if we have the money.  We're not so sure because now they will now charge the actual prices which are three to four times what we paid the first time – for each treatment.

Ooh, and the lady who checked Nafew’s hair is quite unique. I suppose it’s a strategy, I don’t know. Her name is Aries. I asked her what her star sign is and surprise! It’s Aries. She told Nafew that he’s hairy except on his head, told him he can’t pull off the shaved head thing because he’s too skinny and has a tiny head, and she also told him he looks older than his age because he’s going bald. Not in that order. She basically made him feel so bad about his appearance that he absolutely had to take everything they were offering. Seriously, if you’re depressed, or hurt easily, stay away from this woman. She could drive you to suicide.

And I just sat there laughing. I laughed because she openly insulted him. I laughed when the herbal stuff they put on his scalp to remove toxins stank so bad. And I laughed at this.

This is Anna and she was very nice (Side eye to Aries)
They said it was to stimulate the pores and hair growth. He said it hurt like a mofo.

I enjoyed the day very much, because I was just sat there while my darling husband was tortured both physically and verbally.

I can’t wait to go back.

Also, the 26th of May was my bloggy birthday. I’ve officially been writing for a year and it’s so exciting for me because I haven’t stuck with anything for this long except with Nafew. 

Have a good weekend :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

The One About When I Had to Take an Involuntary Hiatus

Do you know what happens when you don't have a working internet connection at home during the holidays?

You miss out on one of the best parts of your day. You miss reading your favorite blogs and you miss updating your own. Yep. That's what happens.

I know it's been only about three weeks but I swear it feels more like three months. I mean, I have always known I love writing but not getting to do it regularly made me realize just how much I loved it. I actually missed writing so much I wrote a few posts and saved them for whenever I can publish them. I will post them soon. Internet connection at home is still not working but thankfully the holidays are over and I can now use the computer lab at my University.

Notice I said 'thankfully' the holidays are over? Yeah. That's how much I've missed this. I hope you guys didn't think I forgot about you or got bored. That would never happen. I promise. I've thought about all my favorite blogs these past few weeks. I've wondered what you guys were up to, what was happening in your lives and I was so sad thinking that I was probably missing so much. Also, I wondered if anybody actually noticed I was not here, lol!

It's going to take me a while, but I will definitely catch up on my reading and hopefully I will update this blog here more often. But for right now, here is the one good picture I have taken since forever.

No filters and no editing of any sort. It was scary and windy.