Friday, June 21, 2013

Footloose 1984 vs Footloose 2011 - Inspired by The Dose Girls

A few days ago I read this post over at The Dose of Reality about the original and remake of the movie Footloose. I couldn't leave a good comment on which I'd choose because I have not seen either. So I did what anybody with nothing else to do would. I got both movies and watched it one after the other. And here's my verdict. 

First of all, I don't know why they made a remake. I cannot come up with a good reason, or any reason at all. Because it's the same freaking movie! With the identical scenes - including the opening credits sequence and the final dance - and the same lines. Ariel's prom dress was also nearly identical. Seriously! That's just a lot of money, time, and energy wasted. They did add a few minor details to make the story come together better but it didn't matter because the acting was not that good.

A good thing about this remake, the only good thing I suppose, is the dancing. It was good and I enjoyed watching the dance scenes. 

I saw  Footloose 1984 first and twelve minutes in, we see the first dancing scene. The one in the parking lot. To be completely honest, I found it extremely bizarre. All through the scene I was like, WTF am I watching? That's not dancing! I saw Dirty Dancing, which came out only a few years later, so I know that wasn't the only style back then. The guy dancing near the car seemed to be either having a seizure or getting electrocuted. No one else seemed to be doing any better.

In the scene when Kevin Bacon is pissed and is dancing it off, there was a lot of jumping and other gymnastics moves (probably because it's his thing in the movie, but still...) and zero dance moves I could identify.

Then there is Ariel. I guess they wanted to portray her as rebellious and adventurous. But to me, she came off as suicidal and bat shit crazy. I mean standing on two moving cars! Or on the train tracks! It was a little toned down in Footloose 2011 but that didn't help much.

Finally, the townspeople. I get it that they were all traumatized by the accident that killed the kids and I get that they are religious. That's okay for me. But it was too over the top. It's all they talk about. On the streets, at the dinner table, and wherever else two or more people meet, they talk about that. It didn't seem realistic to me. Again, this was toned down in the remake, but they still failed to make it more interesting. And um....they burned the library books? Are you kidding me?

So yeah, I don't like the movie. Either one - because it's the same movie with different people. I'm sorry if anybody is offended by this but that was not my intention. This is just my very honest opinion. Like I said, I watched Dirty Dancing (1987) and I loved it, so I don't have a problem with when it came out. 

This  just wasn't a good movie for me. Sorry.