Friday, June 14, 2013

They Said. He Said.

So funny thing happened during the vacation for us. We went to a hair care place. 

It’s funny because a bunch of weeks ago when we were visiting friends in another city, and we were in this mall, some guy called Nafew over and asked if he needed help with his hair. Funny part is how this guy knew it’s the one thing Nafew is extremely sensitive about - losing his hair. Which seems to be happening really fast, but we can’t really do much because it’s sort of genetic. Anyway, he called us over and swore he could help and gave us a price we couldn't refuse for a treatment that is sure to make it better.

It was a good place. They started with asking about his health, daily habits like smoking, diet, sleeping patterns and so on. And then they took pictures of Nafew’s scalp and magnified it a thousand times. For real. And it was scary. There’s a lot we don’t see. Because it’s not there. Hair, I mean…lol. Sorry babe.

Anyway, they gave him a few treatments and asked to come back every week and told us to buy this ridiculously expensive shampoo and hair tonic – which stinks to the high heavens by the way, because they are all made of herbs and they don’t add artificial fragrances to it. We may be possibly going back in a month if we have the money.  We're not so sure because now they will now charge the actual prices which are three to four times what we paid the first time – for each treatment.

Ooh, and the lady who checked Nafew’s hair is quite unique. I suppose it’s a strategy, I don’t know. Her name is Aries. I asked her what her star sign is and surprise! It’s Aries. She told Nafew that he’s hairy except on his head, told him he can’t pull off the shaved head thing because he’s too skinny and has a tiny head, and she also told him he looks older than his age because he’s going bald. Not in that order. She basically made him feel so bad about his appearance that he absolutely had to take everything they were offering. Seriously, if you’re depressed, or hurt easily, stay away from this woman. She could drive you to suicide.

And I just sat there laughing. I laughed because she openly insulted him. I laughed when the herbal stuff they put on his scalp to remove toxins stank so bad. And I laughed at this.

This is Anna and she was very nice (Side eye to Aries)
They said it was to stimulate the pores and hair growth. He said it hurt like a mofo.

I enjoyed the day very much, because I was just sat there while my darling husband was tortured both physically and verbally.

I can’t wait to go back.

Also, the 26th of May was my bloggy birthday. I’ve officially been writing for a year and it’s so exciting for me because I haven’t stuck with anything for this long except with Nafew. 

Have a good weekend :)