Monday, July 1, 2013

I Hear They Work Really Hard But They Are of No Use To Me

Let’s talk about ants. I moved to my new place knowing I’ll have a few problems with sharing a kitchen with two guys. But what I came to was not what I had expected. They didn't seem to be too familiar with the concept of regularly cleaning up the place where they keep their food. So shit kept piling up in places and ants found them. I came here to find a whole bunch of ant eggs on top of their refrigerator. I am so glad I decided to bring my own refrigerator with me.

Anyhoo, I have been trying to clear them away. I sprayed insecticide wherever I found them. Hee, hee! That reminds me of a joke I heard ages ago.

A large number of ants were found dead today. It is suspected that they committed insecticide. LOL!

Photo credit: Troup1 via photopin cc

Ahem. Back to the topic.

I keep the kitchen as clean as I can (I wanted to say really clean but standards among individuals may vary, so there). Everything is put away. Nothing with food in it is kept without a lid. And I wipe the counters and table after each use, and every time I see even a single ant on them. I am tired now but the ants keep coming.

Last night I washed the container I keep sugar in. Then I left an unopened bag of sugar on the counter because the container was not dry yet. And today I woke up to find ants in the bag of sugar I had not opened yet! GAH!

Sometimes I keep stuff like muffins or cupcakes in the microwave because I don’t want to put them in the refrigerator because it makes them hard and I don’t have the right sized Tupperware to put them in. We used to do it all the time in the other apartment in case an ant might find it, and it worked. Not in this house though. The other day, I found them in there too!

Also, I have never HEARD of ants getting into refrigerators in my life. But in this apartment they do. They only make it to the very bottom and die of cold there. It’s super gross!

I asked Google, but it kept telling me to find the source and pour boiling water in there to kill the queen. I don’t know where the source is! I have searched everywhere and guess what? They seem to be coming from everywhere too! Google did tell me to do a bunch of other stuff but they all involved finding the original nest and I can’t find it.

Ooh! And for about three days a few weeks since we moved, I kept waking up to a strange phenomenon. Every morning without fail for those three days, I kept finding masses of dead ants in the living room near the couch. I don’t know what caused it because it’s not there when I go to sleep. Strange huh?

So, I need help. If any of you know how to get rid of a kabillion ants please contact me.