Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rock Concerts, Lingerie Shopping, and Maahefun

I've been having a pretty cool weekend. By cool I mean totally average for everyone else out there, but for me. I hardly go out. For many reasons. But this weekend, I haven't stayed home a single day. 

Did I tell you that my weekends start on Thursday afternoon? Because my last class of the week ends and three on Thursday!? It totally does!

Anyway, here's what I have been up to. 

On Friday I went underwear shopping with a friend because I haven't done that in forever - because Nafew won't go with me. Apparently it makes him feel uncomfortable.

But hey! Who knew you could have so much fun shopping for lingerie? My friend took me to this small boutique she goes to all the time and I went crazy in there. I kept grabbing handfuls of stuff in all colors and patterns so that I can TRY THEM ALL!! 

Then in the changing room I was so delighted that all of them fit perfectly and made me look like I had something to show But then it got weird when the sales lady stepped into the changing room. Unannounced. And took over the fitting. She was all in my business adjusting my personal stuff and I felt a bit awkward. I mean, I was doing just fine by myself thank you very much!

I couldn't upload an actual picture of me in my newly purchased
articles of sexiness, so I drew a picture of me in the changing room
for you instead :)

Yesterday I went to see a concert. It was more like a competition but it was so much fun! It began a little mellow and honestly boring, but then the bands began rocking hard and it was insane. I'll write another post about it with more details because boy do I have something to tell you about that night! And I'm going to need the pictures from my friend to show you guys.

And today I am going to a 'Maahefun'

Maahefun: Celebration marks the beginning of the Ramadan, Where the Muslims in Maldives celebrate the taking of their last meal before beginning the month-long fasting. It is a traditional celebration where everybody gathered to have their last meal before fasting  (Wikipedia, 2013)

Turns out I can't tell you all about traditions of my home without consulting the internet but there you go.I'm expecting it to be fun because there will be live music and food and people I know.

Will be back with more :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!