Saturday, July 27, 2013

The One About a Lot of Things

Hey guys, 
It's been a while huh? Yeah, it has been a pretty packed month for me. Still is actually. 

We're observing fasting this month because it's Ramadan and I have to go to classes anyway. Do you KNOW what that means? It means I sleep around 4 am and have to wake up two or three hours later to go to class without having any COFFEE!! I think I have told you before, I am not a very nice person without my morning coffee. Somehow my communication skills and my caffeine intake are interrelated. 

Why don't I sleep earlier you ask? Well, it's because since we're fasting everyday, eating as late as possible makes us not pass out of hunger during the day. Yeah, that's why. Also, because we're fasting, I can't come home after classes and take a nap. I gotta run into the kitchen to make us something to eat to break our fast. Some days we go out though, because if not I might just sit on the kitchen floor and cry. 

Please don't think I am complaining because I have to fast. I am not. I have no problem with not eating. But I DO have a problem with not having coffee and going to morning classes. That's my only problem you guys. I swear. 

Also, it's that time of the semester when all assignments are due and there is a mid-term exam like every week. That's why I'm super busy, I hope you all understand. 

But hey! It's not all bad. Staying hungry for thirteen hours straight makes you want to eat something good for breakfast everyday. You know what I mean? No? I mean, you don't want to eat just anything. So I've been making a bunch of different stuff lately. And it's pretty cool. The coolest one yet was last week. It's probably no big deal for most people, but for me it is!

A week ago, Nafew decided to buy a duck. I don't know why, he just did. Maybe he had a dream. I have never cooked a duck in my life. I haven't seen anyone cook a duck. Heck! I have never eaten duck before! But he bought it anyway. And it was a whole freaking duck. With the head and feet! Don't believe me?

HA! Told ya! 
Please disregard my disgusting kitchen :/ The place is old as fahk.

So we went to Mr. YouTube to learn how to debone the thing because I didn't want to cook the bird whole my first time. And Nafew did it! It wasn't too bad considering it was his first attempt and we didn't have the right knife or the right work surface. Yep, we don't have kitchen counters. That's how old the place is. 

That's not technically a countertop because it's this small square at the end
of the thing where we keep a cheap gas stove on :D

And then I went to Mr. Google for a recipe and every single one kept asking for shit I have never heard of, or shit I can't put in my food, so I took bits and pieces of everything and made this!

Roasted duck with orange sauce, which I forgot to take a picture of.

I'm not posting a recipe here never post recipes. But if you maybe want it, let me know and I will email it to you :)

We're gonna get a four day vacation to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and we're hoping to go somewhere and have fun.

PS: 26th July was Independence Day back home, so Happy Independence Day to all Maldivians out there!

Have a great weekend! :D