Friday, July 19, 2013

The One Where I Went to a Concert

Remember that time I told you about going to this music competition and I had something to tell you about it? This is the post where I do! 

It was a great night in so many ways. First of all, I haven't been to a music show in forever and I missed it. And it was so great being there. Live rock music is the best!

Secondly, our friend won the award for best vocalist and we were thrilled for him :D

Also, there were so many people I know so it was fun hanging out with them.

Before the competition started, there were two opening bands. The first one was a staff band of the university where the competition was held and this lady came up on stage and murdered Rihanna's Diamonds and I wanted to leave. But then this local band named Hard Candy came up and they were awesome!

But the highlight of the night was when this competing band named The Fallen came on. Jaws hit the floor when this leggy lady in knee high stockings and a pair of hot pants belted out a incredible rock song. She claims her name is Sunshine but there nothing sunny or shiny about the songs she sang. 

Start from 3:40. And yes, it's really her that's singing.

And later my husband ditched me for  a photo op with her. Nah! I told him to go because all the guys were clamoring for her attention and he was stuck with me. I waited to post this because I wanted to get that picture from our friend with the fancy camera but he keeps forgetting. 

So there you go. The night the girl with the voice that I can't describe because my vocabulary won't allow me blew everyone away.

Have a great weekend!