Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. The other day I wrote one of the easiest papers ever! Thirty minutes in, I was done and handed the paper to the lecturer and told her I should get full marks. Meanwhile some had a look of devastation on there faces like they just wanted to give up. I'm sorry. I'm deliberately misleading you here. I'm not that smart. Thing is, the lecturer gave us some pointers. So the people who were sitting there blankly staring at the paper were just lazy.

2. People kept telling me that The Conjuring is scary as fahk. And people who saw it were trying suspiciously hard to convince others that it's totally true. My friend said that grown ass men were spending sleepless nights after watching it. I had to see this! So we went. 

Image source
And was disappointed. Because while it is a really good movie with good acting and a great story, it was not that scary. I wanted to be scared and I was. But not the way I wanted to. Let me use an everyday example to explain to you how I was scared. 

Picture yourself alone (it's very important that you're alone!) at home on a beautiful evening, and you're in bed just enjoying some TV or a book or something. Suddenly someone taps you on your shoulder from behind. You would jump. Heck! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't. Because you're obviously alone so who the fahk was that right? 

Right. That was the kind of scared I was. Nothing that would last. After the movie when we were walking to the car, a bug flew by me and brushed my hand. I did not see it but I told my friend that I think a bug flew by. A person scared by that movie would probably think something supernatural was around, right?

Also, outside the cinema there was a huge life-sized cutout of those One Direction guys. My husband posed with it I have this most hilarious picture but he refuses to let me post it here so your imagination would have to suffice. 

3. All assignments are handed in and I have a lot of free time so I have been drawing and doodling and trying to paint and stuff. Notice I said trying? Yeah. That's because I need a lot of practice. 

Nafew bought me some painting supplies the other day and I'm over the moon but I've run out of paper already :(

4. This is how students take notes in class now. This was yesterday afternoon. I prefer writing. The old fashioned way. Because apparently I'm old. 

5. Also, I am so excited it's September! All my favorite shows are going to come back and I can't wait. 

How are you all? What's been happening lately?