Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Honey, I'm home!

You guys, I'm home after two whole years! For the last two weeks I've been soooo busy. The week leading up to my flight home, I was busy sorting out my withdrawal from the University and after that I was busy packing up two years of life into two suitcases. 

All those tiny islands make my country :)

I came home on Friday night and it's been a little chaotic since then too. I've been visiting family, catching up with friends, and cleaning out and settling into our room which we rented out before we left and was pretty much falling apart by the time we got here. I don't even know how it got so bad in only two years. 

So many stuff was broken. Mostly really weird stuff. Like I found that near my closet, two fist sized chunks of wall was missing. Walls of concrete and bricks!! And the can inside the very expensive wastepaper bin was gone. How do you break a tin can enclosed in another tin can?! And the mattress had gone a bit stinky because I don't think they knew sheets were meant to be washed! Fortunately we flipped it over and it's okay for now but I'm definitely buying a new one as soon as I get a job. 

So home is very stuffy and crowded and...uh...just really really small. I mean the country and the city. But I really don't mind because now I'm so close to the people I love. 

I am going to miss shopping malls, and fast food places, and the really good friends I made over the two years I stayed in Malaysia. What I am not going to miss is the really old place we lived in. Especially the suspicious hand print which was a little too high up on the wall directly above the door of the bathroom. That was creepy. 

Last day in Malaysia

I miss writing and reading blogs. My email inbox is full of unread messages and my Bloglovin is overflowing with unread posts. I will catch up eventually.

In the mean time, I just wanted to tell you I miss you guys and please don't forget me!

In other news, I forgot to put salt in the flat bread I made today. And the spicy tuna I made to go with it! I saved the tuna but there was no way of saving the bread. Also, I had to paste a small picture on a job application form for my husband and there was no glue so I used clear nail polish, and it worked! So I'm thinking I'm not losing my mind just yet.

What have you been doing lately?

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today, my husband turned 28!

Today also marks five years of us being together :)

Happy birthday, babe ♥

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eid Al Adha

As the entire Muslim world celebrates the joyous occasion of Eid Al Adha today, I wish you and your family a very happy Eid. May you and your family be blessed. 

Image source

Eid Mubarak!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Story of Love At First Sight

I get attached to crap. All the time. Not physically! Because duh?! 

It's more of a sentimental attachment and you will definitely think some of those things are super weird. I get attached to books. I get attached to clothes; the longer I have them, the more I love them. Everyone else I know gets bored of their clothes real fast and keeps changing them. Not me. I get attached to them. And when it comes to the point that I absolutely have to throw it away and get a new one, I kinda sorta want the exact same one. I get attached to a whole bunch of things.

Also, I am the overly attached girlfriend/wife minus the CRAZY. My husband tells me that all the time. 

I'm about to go home after two years. And that means I'm gonna have to leave somethings I brought with me behind. Because they are heavy and it's stupid to carry them all the way home. I'm not going to bore you guys with every single thing I am going to leave and miss because (a) the list is pretty long, and (b) there is such a thing as too much information. No. I'll just tell you about this one thing because of all the things I will be leaving behind, this one holds the most sentimental value for me, and also because it will probably be pretty strange for anyone other than me.

It's cutlery. 

Not silver. Not even expensive. Just regular stainless steel cutlery, except it's not regular for me. It is incredibly special for me because it hold history. I am sad to let it go but it makes no sense to take them home with me. Let me tell you the story. 

This was many, many years ago. I was in high school. My mom always visited me every semester break and we try to spend as much time as possible during those weeks. And we went shopping  a lot. My mom is crazy in love with kitchen stuff. Appliances, dishes, pots and pans, decorative items...just about anything you can stuff into a kitchen, she bought. So we were in a lot of stores that sold such items.

One time when we were in a department store, in the kitcheny(?) isle, I saw this particular set of cutlery. It was love at first sight. I told mom to buy it because awwn, so pretty, but she was like Oh.My.God we already have too many of those and NO! 

But, but, so pretty! I had no idea what I would do with them if she bought them because she lives far away and I hardly go there (She usually came to me) but for some reason I didn't want to leave without them.

And then I had this wildly ridiculous idea and tried so see if it would work. 

I told her to buy them for me, and keep them with her for the time being. She asked when I would be needing them. I told her to keep them safe until I get married. I don't know what I was thinking! I was 17. I did not have a boyfriend. My future plans ended a couple of hours ahead from then. 

But it worked! She bought them!

A little over six years later, she handed them to me when I got married. So when we moved here eight months after, I brought them with me. Because they were mine. And they were so, so special. 

Many pieces have mysteriously disappeared the two plus years after that. But I still love them just as much as the day when I first saw them. I know they're just steel. And they're old now. But I'm going to miss them dearly. 

Tell me about the stuff you get attached to!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Songs That Were On a Constant Loop on My mp3 Player in 2006

I checked out today's listicle challenge on Northwestmommy yesterday and turns out it's our favorite songs in the final year of high school. 

Read that sentence again and tell me what's not to like about it. There isn't. It's a fabulous sentence because it has 'North West' in it. It has 'list', and 'challenge' which translates to easiest blog posts ever, and it says 'songs in high school.' 

Brace yourselves baecause here's my list. Also, I would like to dedicate this post to my bestest friend in the world, Hasna, because songs are pretty much all we ever talked about then...ahem...besides boys I mean.  

1. Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake. 
I loved this guy in his yellow noodle haired N-Sync days, and I love him still. Loyal fan right here! 

2. Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
I have spent a stupid amount of time to find who they really are. I might have found it a while ago, I forget. Anyway they were cool and I loved listening to them. 

3. When I'm Gone - Eminem
Hey! What can I say. I don't have a favorite genre. What's good is good.

4.  Déjà-vu - Beyonce feat. Jay-Z
Love Beyonce!! She's the best :)

5. Smack That - Akon Feat. Eminem
Don't ask because I can't explain.

6. SOS - Rhianna
It's catchy. Don't try to deny it.

7. Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
I probably loved it so much because of the video. I love videos with good dancing.

8. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Her songs were a good way. I can't quite put my finger on what she does different though.

9. You're beautiful - James Blunt
One of the two songs that I know he did well. I never tried to find if there were any more. 

10. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
It's a good song to listen to on a bad day. 

I'm thinking I might regret making this list because there probably will come a day I will be embarrassed to admit this list. Well, it's not I'm going to just leave it here and come back a few years later to see how I feel.

What were your favorite songs in your last year of high school?